Tech services offered

I’ve not gone into the details of the remote tech services I offer as a tech on the blog yet so lets get that done now:

  1. Anti-virus Service $95
  2. System Tune-Up $85
  3. Setup service $79
  4. Router/wireless setup $79
  5. Fix it Service $79
  6. Printer setup $49
  7. Evaluation Service $19

All of these services are currently offered through eBay. But you can e-mail me directly at datechguy at  comcast dot net and I’ll be happy to go into details. Here are some answers to common questions:

How are you going to connect to my system?

I will be using a piece of licensed software called LogMeIn Rescue to allow the connection between our systems. Your keyboard and mouse will become my keyboard and mouse and I will do the work as if I was in front of your PC?

How will we start the initial connection?

After receiving payment I will contact you to arrange a time to start the connection via either a code or an e-mail.

What if I can’t get my system connected to yours?

If I can’t establish the connection then I’ll refund you

How long will it take?

It depends on the services you want.

What if I lose my connection?

The system should re-connect automatically if it doesn’t after a period of time I’ll give you a call or e-mail to arrange to re-connect.

How will I know when you are done?

I will leave a note on your system or send you an e-mail to that effect.

Do I need to be in front of my system the whole time?

Nope but you are welcome to watch.

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