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The first being the murder of a young college girl in Virginia.

George Huguely, 22, of Chevy Chase had been the starting quarterback, an honor roll student and a lacrosse all-American at the renowned Landon School.

Yeardley Love, 22, of Baltimore County had been a four-year member of the lacrosse and field hockey teams at Notre Dame Prep in Baltimore.

At some point, they had a romantic relationship. But early Monday, Love was found dead inside her apartment, and a few hours later, Huguely was charged in her death.

This is a horrible thing and our hearts rightly go out to her family and community.

The second despicable thing is Norah O’Donnell report that just showed on MSNBC.

O’Donnell when reporting on the Murder brings up the Duke LaCross case and mentions a letter where the accused murder wrote how those players were treated unfairly.

The only even remote connection between the two cases was the fact that the girl was a lacrosse player and the falsely accused Duke players were also lacrosse players. Update: Apparently the girl’s killer played lacrosse too.

For O’Donnell to bring this up to suggest that Huguely’s support of the falsely accused Duke players has any connection to this and to include it in her report is a journalist disgrace. To use this murder to try to score a cheap political point is disgusting and says a lot about O’Donnell. None of it honorable.

I would hope that MSNBC refutes O’Donnell and she considers an apology. As the report took place on Morning Joe I’ll tweet him to see what they say.

Update: The producers and editors of that story owe an apology too.

Update 2: Legal insurrection finds some slightly less despicable but misleading reporting. Ironically both reporters mentioned are regulars on Morning Joe too.