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Hit the Monastary of the Holy Spirit this morning (wonderful place), had a long interview with Cory Ruth (r), toured the World of Coca Cola museum took more photos of houses and managed to get caught in the same thunderstorm twice in one day, once in Atlanta and once back here.

I’m currently washing clothes and getting ready for final packing of both the clothes and some stuff for the family. I’m hoping to hit one more event in the morning if possible. I have several posts that I’m working on concerning the trip and hoping to do a long round up of what I saw and thought.

My stomach is going to miss this place badly but I suspect my arteries will not.

You might have noticed btw that I have very few video interviews of individuals even though that is my normal practice. For whatever reason people though willing to talk were reluctant to appear on video outside of events.

That has been a very productive trip. Starting on Monday we will discover what the prospects are of me taking any others.