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At What if (One of our featured blogs of the Month) Peg links to an Ed Koch column that sees what I do:

It is for these reasons, I believe, the coming November tsunami will roll across America and give the Republicans, who are undeserving of the honor, control of both Houses. The American public is enraged and wants to punish those who have been in charge of the country. They know those who will replace incumbents may be as bad or worse, but they also believe they can’t do any greater damage.

Koch is more sure of the Big Red Wave than Peg is but look at the emphasis in the excerpt.

When I’ve told people that the tea party doesn’t trust the republicans, I’ve been laughed at. People on the left totally believe the tea party is a wholly owned totally bought subsidiary of the GOP. At the 9/12 rally when I plunged into the crowd NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN IT WHEN ASKED SAID THEY TRUSTED THE GOP and all said that if the GOP kept spending they would be back to protest them.

I have faith in the Big Red Wave, it’s the Grand Old Party that worries me.

Were in charge during other wars:

1776: We would be celebrating Boxing Day on December 26 and John Adams and George Washington would be buried in Unmarked graves

1813: The Ohio river bounds the boarder between the US and Canada (The British negotiates as a Sine qua non demanded an establishment of a buffer state in the Northwest See Pratt’s Preble’s boys 1950 p 393 GREAT book. My review here.)

1846: Sorry this war was one of almost continual victory, even these guys couldn’t stop it.

1863: The US’ Southern Border would be Kentucky and Missouri and Maryland and Southern Americans live under the stars and bars and St. Andrew’s cross.

1877: Montana would belong to the Sioux (assuming the treaty was kept, that’d be a first”)

1898: Yup too Much success couldn’t have stopped that.

1905: Philippine independence in 1905, Japanese occupation of same before WWI (this was remember during the height of the age of Imperialism)

1918: Germany owns large chunks of present day France and Belgium. The imperial German empire grows and a permanent rivalry exists between the British & German empires. (Preventing Indian Independence) Positive side effects: Soviet Russia shares a border with a very powerful Imperial Germany and a certain Austrian Corporal joins the Austrian VFW, goes back to his job hanging paper, sharpening his Dancing skills.

1942: England falls or makes peace with Germany. Vichy France IS modern France. Russia either falls or makes peace with Germany. The Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) is Japanese , China is Japanese, the Philippines are Japanese. Siberia is Japanese. Ethiopia is Italian.

1948: Korea is united under the Dear Leader

1962: Russian Missiles are permanently based in Cuba

1973: We’ve already seen it

1982: Grenada is a Marxist dictatorship

1989: The Berlin wall is still up and the Cold war is still on

1991: Saddam’s 19th province Kuwait is placed under the tutelage of his sons

2002: The Taliban never loses power in Afganistran

2003: Saddam is still in power

2006: Al Qaeda controls Iraq

2009: We will soon see. God help us.