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then you are either Andrew Sullivan or you paid no attention during the first half of 2009.

Don’t forget that the big story last year was how even comedians wouldn’t touch Obama. Stewart provided a very small tweak of his inaugural speech comparing it to Bush’s in Jan. In Feb the story was nothing is funny about Obama flash forward to May 15 when I post on Stewart hitting Obama by name saying:

Jon Stewart has now directly ridiculed president Obama by name. He has done it on a primary news source for the far left and for many young people who pay no attention, and not only that he has done it in a way that a person who has no idea about politics can understand.

People may not realize how big this is. Will this mean that other comics will now be willing to hit him? Will this give the imprimatur to other to speak up? Only time will tell, but the first time is always easiest.

In September Stewart hit the Acorn story and it stuck.

Hey MSM when John Stewart isn’t going to go along you’d better start worrying.

Don’t forget that CNN felt compelled to fact check SNL when they hit Obama once in OCTOBER!.

Do you realize if Jeffrey Immelt owned Comedy Central we still might not have anyone in the media saying boo to Barack Obama.

Memeorandum thread here

What do this headline:

FBI Files Reveal Historian Howard Zinn Lied to Hide CPUSA Membership

and this one

So Clarkson was right: Sight of a scantily-clad woman drives men to distraction (… and off the road)

have in common? (more…)

I know for decades the NYT has acted as if communists were simply benign creatures who only have a different view than greedy capitalists. In their minds the west has always oversold the evils contained within.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this article:

Even if we have scant evidence, most foreign journalists have come to assume our phone conversations are monitored. We have learned to remove our cellphone SIM cards when meeting dissidents. At the office, we often reflexively lower our voices when discussing “politically sensitive” topics.

Whenever I see stuff like this I remember a series of Cox & Fordum cartoons where Jimmy Carter would be asking “But Why?” questions and the answer would be “I’m a communist dictator you fool!”

China has long been a source of virus’ and spyware. Anyone who thinks that this is a coincidence is just deluding themselves.

Don’t worry the next time there is a question that doesn’t cover an employee of the NYT I predict that things will be just as they were before, particularly if a republican is in office.

Short answer…

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No. They don’t vet candidates, they decide who they support and then act as opposition research.

If the media acted differently then the public would still trust them, Fox would not be leading and they would not be dying.

We are making progress however. There was a time when this politico article that this post is based on would never even be written.