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I wonder if it’s a requirement of Taxi Drivers in Washington DC that they all have to be wise and Godfearing:

Our taxi driver spoke in a thick Indian (from India) accent, “Where have you been?”

I responded, “The Tea Party!”

He didn’t say anything pro or con, so my curiosity asked him, “What do you think of Obama?”

He began gushing his disdain for the policies of the current administration. We spoke about the surge of government control, the irresponsible spending, the rising taxes which will cripple small business, destroy the middle class, and collapse our already weak economy, the lies, elitism, disappearing Freedom…and the hope of the November election. We got to the hotel and began disembarking the taxi. I fumbled for my money.

Standing in the middle of the dark street, a street lamp lighting his face, the Indian taxi driver said, “It reminds me of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego…”

It goes without saying that you should read the whole thing the nice lady wrote. It will remind you of this.

Andrew Breitbart has been around longer than the tea parties but I think nobody symbolizes the style of the movement more than him:

About the only thing that makes the left more crazy than Breitbart is the would tea party movement

Here is the last batch of photos from the Tea Party events and from the Train Ride home. My great thanks to Robert Stacy McCain who took me down to the station very early in the morning.

You know we really have a beautiful country and there is something special watching it go by in a train.

…bringing up everything I eat and drink, and doing a fair impersonation of a confederate soldier with his favorite disease. (After all it’s confederate history month).

Believe it or not my wife is even worse shape (different but worse) so regular posting will resume when it no longer hurts to look at the screen.

Meanwhile let me give you the video of the cab driver that both Barbara and I commented on this weekend. If the tea party people are wise they will have him speak.

This man is amazing.