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Well it’s been 48 hours since that last post I’m sure it’s was just a blip on the scene of the national election:

Thirty-four more people will be charged with voter fraud in Hennepin County in the 2008 election, County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday, bringing the total cases of alleged abuse to 47 for that election year.

Freeman’s office announced the decision a week after the county sheriff announced voting-related charges against seven people, most of whom are accused of registering to vote while ineligible

Minnesota, wasn’t that where after court cases and recount after recount democrats managed to find enough votes to elect Al Franken?

And anyway this is an old case just as this one is and anyway just because one teachers group knew about a stolen election doesn’t mean they are still stealing them does it?

There also seem to be some “interesting” people working on it:

its voter drive is being run by Amy Busefink, an ACORN employee under indictment in Nevada for violating election laws. It might be understandable for an employer not to fire an employee until she is actually convicted of a crime, but this is ridiculous. Busefink should not be running a voter drive.

Busefink and another ACORN employee, Christopher Edwards, were charged with by the state of Nevada with “26 felony counts of voter fraud and 13 of providing unlawful extra compensation to those registering voters.” Edwards pleaded guilty and the trial of Busefink and ACORN is set to begin November 26.

Just because they were doing something shady in the past, doesn’t mean shady things are being done now does it?

Why would a campaign chair and a state-dem committee volunteer take out a Post-Office box to collect completed absentee ballots? Wouldn’t it be cleaner to distribute them however the dems wanted to, and then to have them mailed directly to the elections folks? One less set of fingerprints to suggest chicanery.

Why would a woman on the dem mailing list, who tossed every letter telling her about getting an absentee ballot from these folks, subsequently learn that an absentee ballot was issued in her name?

Pennsylvania eh quite a coincidence all this isn’t it and of course there is the background video on the stomping stuff that the left pretends doesn’t exist.

And in California some longtime lawmakers seem rather ignorant of the law:

Make sure to read the letter, which promises students “extra credit” and credit for fulfilling “class volunteer hours” — and recommends that government and social studies teachers share this video with their students:

the letter is here and perhaps in pre-internet days it would escape notice, but now there are groups watching for fraud.

But will all of it stop the Big Red Wave? ?Well in some states maybe, but I suspect there are certain districts that have fallen so far under the radar that the left may not realize they need stealing.

I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that people simply don’t understand how but this is going to be, I still get people dismissing me, saying I don’t have hard numbers just the anecdotal evidence and simple logic (such as the fact that a guy actually up 11 points doesn’t do a 180 on taxes).

Does this mean that Delaware is going red and that Calif and NY gov races are still in play. I’d bet against NY myself, but it means that it is going to take a whole lot more than a last-minute frat party to save this election for democrats.

Update: And more

Update 2: Red State’s suggestion: Americans start your cameras!