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The unknown debt

Posted: November 11, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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As the TV droned the Nurses aide
Came to clear the tray
No note of the ancient
Who seemed a world away

Down at the park the gang hung out
Sampling their weed
With no thought to the wizened guy
Whose bench was near the tree

The teller felt her day crawl on
As the customer line grew long
It was a pain that people waited
As the old man counted wrong

On the subway the teen rocked on
His earbuds rang its din
Noting of his ancient fellow
an unripe smell within

The code came through
and DNR was stamped upon the chart
a waste of dough the panel said
to fix his creaky heart

So many times when they go by
Do we avert our gaze
Forgetting what these men accomplished
In their Halcyon days

Noting not the beaches
Dyed a bloody red
That age before through firestorm
The man before them tread

Through sky and bursts
With steady eye upon the bomber sight
Ignoring their fellows fall
Through the terror of the night

At station stood upon his quad
While cruising through the slot
Upon a wet and oily death
The seaman. he dwelt not.

Those old eyes that we ignore
Avenged the dead at Pearl
But for them South Korea
Would be unknown to the world

In cold peacetime
They did confine
The iron curtain reach
And twas by their M1 Garands
The 1000 year Reich ceased

Yet every day we walk away
We have no time you see
What interest does that gray ole mane
Have for the likes of me?

If but a word
was asked them: “Sir
What happened in those days?”
Then first hand we’d know the path
They trod for all our sakes

So give a thought
To that old lot
Not just on Veterans Day
For in their youth
They gave to you
A gift you can’t repay