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I’m sorry I have no patience for this

Posted: October 1, 2010 by datechguy in culture
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This post is not going to make me any friends. I wasn’t going to blog on this subject but I read the first paragraph of this nonsense and I’m not going to let it stand:

What made Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi jump off of a bridge to his death?

With all due respect to his grieving family nothing made Tyler Clementi jump off a bridge but Tyler Clementi.

He was a talented young man going to a prestigious university in the greatest country in the world. Worldwide he was easily part of the 1% of winners in life’s lottery.

Yet with all his advantages when someone played a nasty prank on him he was so insecure that all despite he had going for him he decided to throw it away because he was embarrassed? Are you kidding me?

The world is a rough place and an unfair place. Tyler Clementi, wasn’t beaten like some who fall in the hands of the Taliban, He wasn’t starved like some children in Africa, he wasn’t a victim of the slave trade, subject to discrimination or stricken with an incurable disease. Like many young men his age he didn’t go to war and face the risks and horror of it and didn’t have to flee a country controlled by drug wars to come to America. He had no reason to fear for his life.

Yet one embarrassment was enough for him to throw it all away and you expect me to feel sorry for him and beat my breast? Give me a break!

It stinks that this man killed himself, he threw away a gift given to him by God. As the father of a young man in college the same age I can certainly relate to his parent’s pain but the idea that right now advocacy groups and pols are about to use a weak guy’s stupid decision to fund raise, appear holier than thou and advance their causes disgusts me.

They are using this man worse than the fools who filmed him did. Those people were college kids, what is the excuse of those advocacy groups full of adults?

It’s a tough thing to say but it is what it is. The person responsible for Tyler Clementi’s death is himself.

memorandum thread here.

Update: Cripes do Robert Stacy and I have the same brain or what?