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Back in the days when Lyndon Johnson was a congressional aide rather than a congressman or senator he participated in a group known as the Little Congress. This was an association of congressional aides formed to promote public speaking but in 1933 recognizing the potential for publicity and power that the organization had Johnson arranged without warning to bring in many additional voters of dubious eligibility and managed to win election as the speaker. He ruled over the little congress as speaker and then as boss until eventually a young man from Mississippi decided he was not going to go along with Boss Johnson.

In the 1935 elections for the little congress he managed to rally enough members to pass reforms (strenuously opposed by Johnson men) requiring people to sign ballots and to check them against the voter rolls. This of course eliminated the secret ballot, a sacrosanct right among voters but it turned out that once the ballots were properly checked against lists The Johnson candidate was defeated.

Lyndon being Lyndon instantly decided that the Little Congress was not worth his time he abandoned it and shortly thereafter the informal voting methods returned because the cause that prompted the draconian measures was gone. (this information is from The Years of Lyndon Johnson The Path to Power by Robert Caro)

Which brings us to the TSA.

A lot of people are objecting on the basis of decency and the 4th amendment. I disagree with the 4th argument since all passengers are subjected to the same methods thus not constituting an unreasonable search, but this debate is not the point.

The point is that the only reason why these methods are necessary is because The Flemish Menace a group of Islamic fanatics have declared war on the west and are attempting to kill us.

Our unwillingness to face and waste resources on people not remotely connected to terror would be as if the FBI decided to concentrate an equal percentage of resources examining the black community in Mississippi when investigating the murders of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner in 1964.

The day we face that threat and acknowledge and act accordingly is the day that intrusive searches and pat downs will be unnecessary because we will be examining the actual people who have a motive to strike at us.

Of course the administration being the administration we are not only not doing it, but apparently considering the exact opposite.

Hey we elected this government, we did this to ourselves.

…but guys remember one we have a public limit in terms of what we can’t do that is where our enemies are going to concentrate.

Sitcom culture and Airplane Airplane 2 (Warning link NSFW) not withstanding may have sex on the mind 24/7 but let me tell you the TSA guys at the airport are more jaded than every doctor. They don’t care what you’ve got with those body scanners, they are thinking “is this the guy with the bomb?”

Remember when the guy already wired to blow goes into that line (and that day will come) it will that person who is doing that mundane repetitive job who will be getting it. Don’t think for one moment they don’t know it.

Yes I’m sure that we can do it better but eyes on the prize. The goal is no exploding planes. If we are meeting this goal I’m good.

But the reason why we are having this debate and searching Nuns and old ladies is because we are too politically correct to admit that it is Radical Islam that produces the need for all of this nonsense.

Until we are willing to face that fact straight up we will be squabbling about breasts and groping.

I will have a longer essay on this later.

The Secret Service for the common man

Posted: February 22, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news

I remember going to the Sarah Palin Rally in NH during the presidential campaign with my son. One of the things that struck me was the secret service.

They stood there calm and quiet watching everything and reacting. Very little if anything missed them and I was very impressed.

When I was done I asked if I could shake their hand (after all my tax money pays them) I got a fist bump instead as handshakes were not looked upon as safe.

I am typing this at the airport getting ready to fly home. (note: I didn’t even boot up my laptop from the trip until this morning, my posts last night were from the wife’s computer) There are a lot of people traveling, every single one of us has been through the line, laptop bags open, shoes off pockets emptied, when you are in a hurry it can be a pain, People have rightly complained that a better profile method would make more sense, but all are forgetting something…

Each one of those people by their very presence is making a deal with you the traveler. They are promising that they will do this repetitive and mundane task without treating it lightly. They promise that while they are there, that person will NOT get by with that bomb, They realize that if God forbid they DO find someone who is ready to detonate, they are going to be taking that blast and perhaps dying that day.

The secret service does this for the president every day. These men and women do this for the great and the lowly in the exact same way.

How do you repay someone willing to “take a bullet” for you who never even met you?