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This Knights of Columbus is one of the premier Catholic fraternal and charitable organizations in the world. In its over a century of existence it has contributed a fortune for charitable causes all over the world. One of the causes most dear to the heart of the knights is are physically and mentally disabled children.

This week and weekend you will see Knights at your local mall, on street corners and in public places running our annual tootsie roll drive to help mentally disabled children. 100% of the money raised from these drives go to the cause. If you see a knight with a can out in front of your local supermarket, drop in a few cents, enjoy the tootsie roll he gives you and open and read the wrapper inside to learn about the good that small change you are parting with will do this year.

And if you are a practicing Catholic who would like to get involved with the Knights click here, you will find local counsels exist all over the country and beyond.