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I will likely pre-order the boxed set from Mike’s comics but I have this comment to make. You should give them a ring concerning the new episodes The cover art is a vast improvement over the last set.

Demon Quest vol 1 of 5

Anyways I’d drop an e-mail to Mike’s comics right away if you don’t want to wait for boxed stuff.

My review of the Boxed Set of Tom Bakers return as the Doctor in Hornet’s Nest, which was long delayed by Lent is available at here.

It was worth the wait to get all five parts together and well worth the price.

Amazon has a pretty reasonable price on the set, but of course I got my copy from the friendly people at Mike’s comics.

Since Rich has finished his last story and hasn’t started his next story yet and we need a change of pace to get my mind off of all of the stupid stuff we’ve had to deal with today.

So lets have a fun poll that has (almost) nothing political about it:

The Ron Paul thing BTW is a running gag and the only thing from Charles worth emulating these days

…because if the reviews from UK is any indication it looks like the story and the presentation of his return is just awful.

Some quotes:

The listener is initially left thinking that Hornet’s Nest is either a radio drama made on the cheap or a talking book that the producers have tried to make more interesting with a couple of extra voices and one or two sound effects.

and this:

Paul Magrs’ storyline and script leave a lot to be desired – both pedestrian and silly.

and that’s from a 5 star review.

And finally this:

What we have is a Tom Baker who sounds like he’s sleep-walking through the lines he’s reading and a story that belongs in the 19th century.

…I have already cancelled part 2 which I had on pre-order.

Remember these are the Doctor Who Fanatics who got the item right away, first day stuff.

If you can get Doctor Who fanatics to cancel a pre-order of this then that’s BAD!

I don’t think narrative style is a big deal, that is the style used by the Companion Chronicles. I think the BBC decided they could copy the success of Big Finish on the cheap and somehow managed to convince Tom Baker to do it. They created expectations and just failed to deliver. At least that is my guess I haven’t managed to get a copy as it isn’t available on Amazon US and Mike’s Comics doesn’t have it yet. It’s only £5.37 out of England. Of course Amazon UK shipping cost practically doubles the price.

If the problems are post production it might be possible to improve the CD’s that are coming, but I’m still talking out of my hat so we will see.

As this is the release day in England I’ll keep an eye on the Amazon reviews and see if the unhappy trend continues.

Update: Andrew Whickey is a bit kinder:

For an audience coming to this from the other BBC audiobooks – straight readings of novelisations of TV shows – this will be a pleasant change, but compared to Big Finish’s productions it seems slightly underwhelming – it’s just not using the medium well enough.

That said, I will still be buying the rest of the series – it’s definitely entertaining, and while the story is not up to the standard of Big Finish’s best, it’s definitely not *bad* either – it’s a pleasant, diverting hour-and-ten-minutes of entertainment, with Tom Baker getting to do his thing again. It’s firmly aimed at a casual nostalgia market, rather than being aimed at either hardcore fans or people who are interested in innovative drama, but that’s not a bad thing. On its own terms it’s enjoyable enough, but I hope if Baker does any more, that he will turn to Big Finish…

Well it looks like it all comes down to the expectations game.