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Yesterday memeorandum was all aflutter about Democrats coming back, about the large leads for democrats in polls. Captain Ed Morrissey (he will always be Captain Ed to me) however finds it is just another example of the time share media in action:

And how did the Democrats manage this rather remarkable comeback? Well, the WaPo/ABC pollster managed to find their usual sample gap. They went from a 31/25/39 D/R/I split in September in the general sample and 31/26/37 among registered voters, to 33/23/29 in the general sample and 34/25/37 among registered voters. That nine-point advantage to Democrats among RVs is almost twice what it was in the previous sample.

Of course it might be that democrats are using the new tactics like hiding they are democrats:

With voters in an anti-incumbent mood and a national headwind against their party, some freshman Democrats are touting themselves as unaffiliated outsiders — and it may help them win reelection.

Running against Washington isn’t easy when you’ve got an office on Capitol Hill. But Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper (D-Pa.) has effectively positioned herself as a challenger in her race against Republican Mike Kelly.

One of Dahlkemper’s first TV ads slams Congress and never mentions that she’s an incumbent.

It gets even better, Check out this “Deval Patrick” ad running in Massachusetts:

Not only is this ad missing the party of Deval Patrick and Tim Murray it’s missing Deval Patrick!

This is where the Democrats are in Massachusetts. Their candidate for governor is so unpopular that the Lt. Gov is featured in ads instead of him. If Tim Cahill wasn’t running as an independent Patrick would have no prayer against Charlie Baker.

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or anywhere near as popular blogger as Ace of spades.

But can some sane person explain to me why this guy has a job and I don’t?

The video and the photos that he pooh poohs are all over the net. The willingness to accept peoples numbers as stated are foolish, he beclowns himself, it doesn’t make sense….

….until you realize that he is not writing to report, he is writing to persuade, his goal is the same goal of the whole march, to convince despondent liberals and moderates who are joiners to jump on a bandwagon that has no horses. He is selling a Time Share and looking for suckers.

Hey it’s a job. He has one and I don’t so he must be doing something right.

Update: I’m no Stacy McCain but these instalanches are certainly doing my ego good. Thanks Glenn.

Update 2: Byron York nails it

What does a tired and aging movement do? It puts on a program with tired and aging leaders. Sharpton has long ago worn out his welcome among anyone beyond the hard-core Democratic base; the same is true for Jackson. The 83-year-old Belafonte’s appearance at the rally was impressive, but mostly as a vision from an earlier era. Trumka’s appeal does not go beyond the labor movement, and the young gun in the group, Van Jones, left the White House last year amid scandal. It wasn’t exactly an all-star lineup.

That’s pretty much it.

Update 3: The “Time share media” strike again