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…and I think he will be a spectacular senator but I think this press release is silly:

Nearly 18 months after he campaigned for the $862 billion failed stimulus with President Obama, Charlie Crist tells NBC in Tampa Bay that he’s “not surprised” that there was waste in the stimulus program, though he is not “aware of” any. This is a stunning admission from a leading cheerleader of the stimulus program. Unfortunately for Floridians, it is just the latest indication that the Obama-Crist stimulus has failed.

By all means highlight Crist’s support of the horrible stimulus plan and hit him upside the head with it, but hitting him for saying he is not surprised that there is waste in the program?

C’mon Marco, we are all conservatives here. The Stimulus is a federal program, the surprise would be if there was NO waste in it. That is one of the reasons why both Crist & the stimulus should be opposed.

What is stunning is not Crist’s admission of stimulus waste, what was stunning is support for it and that voters would elect him after that fact.

Comes in two parts. Part one is the reporting on Cash for Clunkers. Lets look at Google News:

cash clunkers google

Google search 1 p.m. EST 10/29/09

You have 1,400 articles vs 23 on the effectiveness of Cash for clunkers.

Part two comes from one of those few articles that report on it. It isn’t in the meat of the article it is in the request at the bottom after the story:

Do you have a job because of the $787 billion stimulus package? We want to hear from people whose jobs have been created or saved by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Please e-mail your stories to and you could be part of an upcoming article. For the Comment Policy, click here. To top of page

In other words Please please PLEASE there must be someone we can paint as the poster child for the 787 billion that Congress and the president spent.

Lets cut to the chase, if they could point to the success of the stimulus package, they wouldn’t be trolling for people who benefited from it.

Update: Legal Insurrection explains why this is necessary.