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TPM is making fun of Sarah Palin for noting that the Soviets won the space race.

‘WTF?’ Sarah Palin Thinks The USSR Won The Space Race? (VIDEO)

Ah guys as an old fellow I hate to break it to you but They did. Sputnik was the first satellite that was the race to space. You might have heard of a fellow named Yuri Gagarin, first man into space? That was the Space race

There is a huge difference between the race to the moon and the “race to space”. In their desperation to hit Palin this misunderstand history. Tell me who are the idiots here?

(I do disagree with Gov Palin that it wasn’t the space race, but the ARMS race and Star Wars that was the final bankrupting of the Soviet Union but that’s not TPM’s point)

Update: via Glenn a Soviet expert agrees with Palin. It sounds like an awaking a sleeping giant argument, but he’s an expert and I’m not.

Blog reaction to the speech

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I purposely avoided the blog reaction to the speech to see how the MSM was going to try to spin this unfiltered. Now that I see that even MSNBC considered the speech so bad that they aren’t even trying to spin it. Let’s look at the blogs:

Gateway Pundit:

Frank Luntz’s focus group gave Obama failing marks on this State of the Union Address tonight. The Atlanta focus group agreed that the nation was not out of its recession.

They also didn’t trust Obama at all on cutting the deficit… Maybe because he talked about increasing spending out of the other side of his mouth at the same time?

Stacy McCain ignored it
(great minds think alike) but the photo of John McCain standing and applauding with John Kerry sitting down says volumes.

Neoneocon: “Sputnik! That’ll pull the young folks in. ”

Vodkapundit: A sample of his drunk blogging

6:47PM OK, here come the spending cuts… [CRICKETS]

6:49PM Freeze domestic spending for five years. That would freeze it at current levels. That’s not a cut. That’s not savings. That’s locking in four years of orgiastic spending.

Oh, except for some military cuts he finds “painful.” Boo-hoo.

6:50PM Don’t cut our investments! They’re investments! I swear! Listen: If you want investments, then stop taxing investors so much and let them do their thing.

Legal Insurrection has the best one liner: “A million points of Trite!

Htothedizzle didn’t mention the speech but is still saying nice things about the radio show. God love her.

Josh Trevino (who I still owe a drink to) has another great Tweet:

After invoking the specter of Sputnik, the President boards Marine One with friends Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, and Joe “Big Bopper” Biden.

Lonely Conservative: Obama Calls for Sputnik Moment a Year After Cutting NASA

Patterico was offended:

He said it in the prepared text and in the speech itself:

The bipartisan Fiscal Commission I created last year made this crystal clear. I don’t agree with all their proposals, but they made important progress. And their conclusion is that the only way to tackle our deficit is to cut excessive spending wherever we find it – in domestic spending, defense spending, health care spending, and spending through tax breaks and loopholes.

(emphasis added).

You got that? When you are allowed to keep your money, that is considered “spending” by the Federal Government. Because in reality all of the fruits of your labor belong to us, the government.

Ace is confused by the CBS poll:

I don’t know. I’m having trouble understanding how the most listless, incoherent and transparently deceptive SOTU I’ve heard managed to please 92% of its audience.

Easy because that’s the same network that told you only 86k showed up for the Beck Rally

…so to see if my thoughts on the spin, propaganda, template mainstream media reporting is correct I’m going to avoid the write ups about the speech until I see what Morning Joe does with it today.

My base prediction has already been made so lets see if it is correct.

I will make only this comment from part of last night’s twitter stream that I saw. There was a telling comment:

Barbara McMahon (Aka @Southsalem) tweeted this and I saw it before I wrote what I did above

RT @RussertXM_NBC: Allen West: “When he talked abt American exceptionalism & American dream Gr8 2finally hear him say those type of things.”

That sounds like a complement, but consider. Barack Obama ran for president starting in 2007/2008 he has been president for over two years and he is only NOW talking about American exceptionalism?

Does anybody seriously believe he would talk this way if his party wasn’t seriously rejected at the polls in November? When a pol only starts talking about American exceptionalism when he needs to recover from a political defeat, that means he doesn’t believe in it and never has.

UPDATE: Holy Moley! The reaction from Morning Joe except for Howard Dean is “flat”.

When you hear them talk “substance” vs the “optics” on MSNBC that tell you that this is an epic fail.

I can’t remember the sitcom it was from (I think it was Herman’s Head), but I remember seeing a show where there was this exchange:

Guy 1: “What did you think of the movie?”

Guy 2: “I really liked the cinematography…”

Guy 1: “That bad eh.”

Boy it must have been really bad if these guys are saying this kind of thing. It will be interesting to see what they say about the republican response.

Andrea Mitchell says: ” He didn’t mention gun control”, Dean answers: “He didn’t mention Abortion either”


Update 2 Even worse they showed a clip of Michelle Bachmann’s speech and not a single word of snark from the panel. If they can’t snark Bachmann on MSNBC this is panic time for Democrats.

Update 3:
They complement Paul Ryan, the White House is calling Comacst to ask them to get Olbermann back on the air STAT!

Update 4: Not a another word about Michelle Bachmann’s response. I suspect they will continue to avoid it, after reading her speech I see why. If her delivery was as good as the speech then they HAVE to keep it off the air. When you spend months trying to spin her as some kind of violent nut you don’t dare show video that proves you wrong.

Update 5: I leave to drop one kid at school and give a ride to the other whose car was dropped off at T & R Custom Automotive (check out their DaTechGuy deal on labor) and here comes the instalanche. Thanks Glenn.

Now they are talking Backmann and their big critique is the tea party feed (although Mika to her credit says we’ve all looked at the wrong camera…after saying its all about her) If this is the best MSNBC can do for the White House then they are in real trouble.

Reading the speech now

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Assuming this is the correct speech, long and boring, signifying little.

With the mixed audience the idea is to make it look like heavy applause. I’m tired so I don’t know if I want to bother, but I want to hear what Bachmann says afterward.

Either way the media will paint it as a centrist call for action and a triumph and the republican response as petty. Why even bother, the spin is preordained. I’ve seen this movie before.

If he wanted to make a good speech this would be it:

“As times are hard, all over America people are spending carefully to live within their means. From this point forward I pledge that government will do the same.”

The end