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At baseball crank, (who I really need to link to more) they are asking what is the one sports event that you would want to go back and see.

His choice of game 7 (actually game 8) of the 1912 world series is a pretty good one (Giants Red Sox) the final game of one of the greatest world series ever played, but my choice is a less significant pair of games in the standing but more incredible in terms of drama.

In 1941 Ted Williams going into the final two games batting .3995 His manager offered to sit him since Major league Baseball rounds up, Williams was having none of it.

When he came to the plate the Catcher for the A’s (then in Philadelphia) informed him that Connie Mack (the manager/owner of the A’s) told the pitchers to “pitch to him” and not around him. Williams in the hottest spot he would be in outside of an airplane at war managed to go 6-8 in the double-header and get his average up to .406. Nobody has come within 15 points of him since, not Gwynn, not Boggs, not Brett, not Yaz, not Bonds, not Ichrio. not Carew not nobody.

And he did this in an 8 team league without expansion pitching.

Angry Millionares do a smart thing

Posted: February 20, 2011 by datechguy in Sports
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Being that football isn’t baseball I have very little interest or coinage involved if they bother to play a season or not next year, but I was rather surprised to read this story:

The NFL and its players’ union agreed to federal mediation Thursday in an effort to help settle the labor dispute that is threatening to lead to a lockout of players in as little as two weeks.

This is such a wise and sensible move that I’m totally shocked that the players and owners managed to do it. The amount of revenue generated by football is incredible and there is no reason why these two sides can agree to an acceptable split that keeps them both rich.

I assumed the NFL would do something stupid to threaten the money pot, it might still happen but for now they just might have figured out that quibbling over millions while people are hurting is bad PR.

This weekends NFL games are an excellent metaphor on the more tragic events of this past weekend.

Looking at the Wild card games
3 times out of 4 the home team (the actual division winner) lost. The one exception was when the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks, after a week of breast beating concerning their presence in the postseason , defeated the defending Superbowl champion New Orleans Saints.

All of the predictions and punditry meant nothing, when the actual game was played the only things relevant were the facts on the ground. (Fans of teams like New England should take this to heart)

Likewise in the last election cycle. People claimed that opposition to the health care plan would not work, that opposing a president who was wildly popular would hurt Republicans. That conservatives needed to compromise. As the polls failed to back up those views pundits instead talked about how the John Stewart Rally, the Coffee Party and the idea that the president’s healthcare plan were not as unpopular as people claimed yet when the dust had settled a net gain of 63 seats in the house was the result.

One again prognostications were useless when compared to the actual facts on the ground.

Now we see the violence in Arizona and once again we see an incredible array of pundits making statements concerning the motivations of the shooter. It’s Palin’s fault because of a map icon, it’s the tea party’s fault because of their support of the 2nd amendment, On twitter this morning (1 a.m EST) an incredible array of people are trying to blame Andrew Breitbart.

All of these have in common a complete lack of evidence or objective facts to support their claims, in fact as time progresses the facts tend to show exactly the opposite.

As Glenn Reynolds has pointed out the narrative has been written long before this event and no quantity of facts on the ground is going to change it.

For example an Arizona state senator when faced with the anger and objections of supporters of the US Military after falsely stating the shooter was an Afghan vet (when in fact the Army rejected him) rather than retracting and apologizing (an easy thing, it was early and all the facts weren’t in) instead removed her contact information from her site.

This morning I suspect we will see the usual suspects continue this narrative, unfortunately unlike a football game or an election this isn’t a question of an actual result that is scored. This is all about massaging the ground for political gain. The goal is to influence those who normally don’t pay attention in the hopes that they will dismiss any arguments to the contrary.

With the race card gone the way of the dodo the violent tea party card is about to be played, facts be damned.

It will be up to the American people to decide if this rhetoric will be rewarded or not.

I planned on taking a day or two off with scheduled posts and what happens, the left goes nuts over Todd Palin talking to Stacy McCain.

I’ve already spent plenty of time defending Stacy from Johnson & Co. I’ve known Stacy via e-mail now for a year and in person for 9 months. He has stayed in my house, I have seen him up close and personal. I have shared a front room in a hotel with him and my hat still sits on his head on a daily basis.

On occasion he drives me crazy, he is an interesting passenger to share a car with, he is on perpetual hyper-drive, smokes like a chimney and is a coffee vampire. He has Watching him cuss out his pc when it is running slow is an experience.

But as a reporter who is better, who came up to Massachusetts crashing on a couch to cover Scott Brown on his own? Who while Andrew Sullivan et/al were pinning the Bill Sparkman suicide as “right wing violence” actually went to the scene of the crime to talk to people, who covered Mattie Fein in Ca36 when the paper there would not? And who flew to Alaska on his own dime (and the dime of those who hit his tip jar) to cover the Joe Miller victory first hand?

I haven’t done it as I don’t have the money or backing but Why didn’t the MSM do these things? Why hasn’t Andrew Sullivan done this he has the Atlantic to back him? Why hasn’t Charles Johnson, the new darling of the left? Who would do these things if Stacy did not?

This is why the left can’t stand him. He does this without caring what they say. All he does is get the story and fight for conservative values and victory. They can’t stop him so they have to attack. As a blogger and as a reporter he is worth any 6 of them.

On a personal level he is my friend, I would trust him with my own life and with my family’s. I have not seen him carry himself in any way that would make me think otherwise.

Finally I’ll say this to the Palin family in general and Todd Palin in particular. You have more to worry about by associating with my fedora than you do associating with Robert Stacy McCain.

Memeorandum thread here. And let me say it is disgraceful that there needs to be such a thread.

Update: Somehow this post got replaced by a post I’m scheduling for tomorrow on a local diner. I’ve managed to put it right and you can read about Moran Square in the morning