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…concerning my interview with Katherine Jenerette.

I can’t claim to know the facts, being a very long way away, nor do I claim to know the Mrs. Jenerette personally. My contact with her consisted of that interview and of sitting next to her as she had a long pleasant chat with a lady concerning life and children, and showing off pictures of our families. My gut says when someone attempts to personally ruin somebody with a chance for a congressional seat, that sounds very wrong. I think it smells.

What follows is pure speculation…

I’m guessing that she is doing well in a very crowded field, I’m guessing that the only chance that some people have to win is to attempt to bring her down any way they can and if her family has to suffer so be it.

How disgraceful, how disgusting! No single seat of power is worth such tactics and no candidate who uses or endorses such tactics is worthy of any high office. I’d sooner vote for an acolyte of Nancy Pelosi than someone who would use such methods.

And consider, this is a race in South Carolina, I am a Massachusetts Yankee who’s grandparents came from Sicily about 100 years ago. Can my interview and opinion be so critical to the voters of South Carolina that it has to be countered? How desperate must some people be?…

….end pure speculation.

I have always believed the best way to answer speech is more speech but this is a type of thing I’ve seen before and I don’t like it and since comments are moderated I can do something about it.

So here is what is going to happen. If you make a germane argument why this candidate should not be elected, a position you don’t like, a better candidate offered, etc I’ll allow the comment. Any further attempt to hit this lady’s family will not make it past the censor.

And yes this is censorship in the same way that I censor my sons if they use language that is not proper, in the same way that I expect guests in my house to behave with decorum.

I will repeat what I said before: My impression of this lady from the brief time I’ve met her is that she is a fine woman, with a fine family that she is very proud of. A man married to her deserves a handshake. I would be pleased if she was my congresswoman but even happier if she was my neighbor. I don’t know her husband and family but I think I’d like to.

And if you would like another perspective Smitty interviewed her too and likes her. Other than the lapse of allowing me to stay in his house during CPAC, he is a very good judge of Character.

As I said I have an awful lot of video yet to go up. Meet Katherine Jenerette.

The real story here isn’t so much the interview, the story was listening to her talk to the person next to me afterwords just about family, life and kids. This isn’t just a good candidate, this is a good person. Any neighborhood she and her family moves into automatically has it’s value increase, because she is exactly the type of people you want living next to you.

I’ve saw an awful lot of that at CPAC, just plain NICE people.

I should also point out that she is running in the 1st District in South Carolina. What a lucky district to have such an excellent choice among the field.