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remember what I said about reconciliation ?

That also applies to the slaughter rule.

Conservatives are not going to disarm anymore in the hopes of making the media love us.

…the motivation for passing this bill right now is all about saving the political bacon of this administration. It has nothing to the bill and if it is good or bad.

If it was about courage then you wouldn’t need to play the Slaughter business to try to get through this.

A white house with courage. A white house sure of itself would be brave enough to let this go and put the priority on the economy where it belongs.

It’s all false.

Update: DaScienceGuy puts it well:

With or without the deals we need a vote and then let the politicians STAND ON THEIR VOTE! If you vote for it and fear that may cost you your seat in the next election then at least be a grown up. Stand up, on the floor and vote Yes or No.


…says Joe Scarborough this morning mocking the house for their tactics.

This is still still MSNBC so you have Joe Conason calling it a mistake but overblown, “The public doesn’t care about the tactics”, but when MSNBC is willing to mock this stuff.

Joe Conason is talking about how they “passed” healthcare already and it is close and Joe is reminding him of schoolhouse rock about how bills are actually passed.

Mort reminds them about Obama’s “no politics as usual” and then does this. I have to take exception this is not politics as usual, this makes politics as usual look like a boy scout meeting.