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Every now and again Stacy will throw a zinger at Allahpundit for never linking to him and I tend to smile. Allah’s mistrust of all things Palin annoys me but it never was a big deal one way or the other.

Well the clip that Stacy posted & the interview I shot at the Marty Lamb / Jim McGovern debate seems to have become the talk of the conservative town at the Gunn event many where talking about it. You would think that it would rate a link from allahpundit.

It did rate a link, to RCP:

Via RCP. At Reason, Jacob Sullum is on the money:

Cripes even Wikipedia got a link instead of Stacy and Stacy was THERE.

I’ve got nothing against RCP but next time Stacy comment on how Allah won’t link to him or to HIS story. I’m going to listen.

The question that has garnered so much attention was not the only one asked. Here are a series of questions that were asked and the candidate’s answers:

On the lame duck session:

On Term Limits:

On Illegal Immigration:


Marty Lamb Talked to us post-debate

Stacy McCain has more on Marty here

Marty Lamb doesn’t just talk about the American Dream, he lives the American Dream. He’s a small-town lawyer, a citizen who felt the call to serve, with no ambition to become a career politician.

The fact that he was not planning on being a career pol was the gist of his excellent and (regretfully) ignored answer to the question that contained the McGovern misstatement.

Marty Lamb is the best choice for the district not because of anything McGovern has said by accident but because of what McGovern has done on purpose in office.

Tina Hood of Worcester talked to Robert Stacy McCain after the Lamb/ McGovern, Barron debate last night

Tina is active in the Republican party in the area.