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I actually managed to forget my laptop at Jeff Perry’s HQ in Quincy, when I went back and got it I ran into Jody:

Jody drives a bus, it is people like her who are piloting the Big Red Wave

Tina Hood of Worcester talked to Robert Stacy McCain after the Lamb/ McGovern, Barron debate last night

Tina is active in the Republican party in the area.

Michael Bates of Batesline has been blogging for a very long time on a statewide level in Tulsa

We don’t give enough attention to local bloggers, there are many things happening on the local levels that need attention.

I empathize with the drive in burning down, our last one went away for a housing development this year.

Guy spoke at yesterday’s tea party even concerning running a campaign and how you needed more than just people to hold signs. I asked him the following question:

As a rule the things you learn the most from in life are your mistakes.