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George Bush won.

That’s all.

…about media coverage.

Let’s ask every democratic candidate what they think of Angle’s statement, if they mock it or critique her for it then in the spirit of that question we should immediately follow up with the toughest possible questions on the most uncomfortable topics that said candidate doesn’t want to answer. When the candidate or their press and campaign people duck or give “No Comment” they should be pressed, after all they think Angle is foolish for trying to get favorable coverage then they should be willing to answer the tough questions.

The Truth is every candidate wants favorable coverage, every candidate tries to answer what they want and duck what they don’t. Angle being a normal person said aloud what every person knows.

What a concept, a candidate actually saying the truth. No wonder the left is outraged!

Perhaps we should ask every democrat their position on the Ground Zero Mosque (or as Rush put it, the Islamic Victory Lap). Right now their reaction to said question is duck and cover.

link that is excoriating Sharon Angle for her position on abortion.

I don’t know if she is Catholic or not but are we do deduce from their reaction that believing Catholics who follow the Church doctrine rather the Kennedy/Pelosi doctrine are too “extreme” for office? Is that not a religious test?

Just asking.

Now that the youngest doesn’t have to be out of the house before 7 and the wife doesn’t have to be out by 8:15 or so I haven’t been up for 6 every day so I’ve been missing the start of Morning Joe lately.

But I caught the tail end and Barnicle and Matthews went off on Harry Reid’s opponent Sharron Angle.

Barnicle considers her an idiot, Matthews went off about loving to be “pulling the scab off her” to expose her.

Well after all she has extreme positions like opposing Abortion even in cases of Rape in incest, you know what you call a position like that: “Catholic”.

And it’s not like Reid is doing something low like say building phishing websites.

The Reid campaign activated the prior sections of Angle’s original website where supporters of Angle could enter their e-mail and other contact information for future campaign communications, as well as a form to sign up as a volunteer. I know that the “contact” section was operable because I filled it out the form and hit the “submit” button.

Turning these contact and volunteer functions live must have been a deliberate Reid campaign decision, because the “contribute” function on the spoofed website was inoperable. The Reid campaign clearly wanted to gather names and contact information on Angle supporters, but did not want to go so far as to take fraudulent donations.

Now of course Talking Point Memo (via memeorandum) sees Angle’s complaint as unusual:

Sharron Angle has resorted to an unusual maneuver to counter Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s attacks on her past quotes and positions, the Reid campaign has announced: A cease-and-desist letter, demanding that Reid no longer republish Angle’s previous campaign website.

I’m sure everyone who has ever given their person information to a false website will sympathize with this argument. Meanwhile Lee Cary at American Thinker reports that this is only the beginning:

So, first scrub the voter registration lists looking for phony names. Then, have an army of people prepared to be poll watchers on Election Day, trained to look for voter fraud.

And in the run up to the election, don’t be surprised if the Reid people secretively finance and encourage a third party candidate with the sole purpose of diverting anti-Reid votes to help him in his race against Angle. You don’t think this’ll happen?

It’s articles like this that leave Don Surber to this conclusion:

Pretty desperate but as I have said, polls or not, I expect Dirty Harry to prevail in November.

Let’s hope he’s wrong.

Update: Tweet of the day:

“@SharronAngle is NOT a kook She is us!”