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I dislike the financial bill as much as the next guy. I don’t trust this administration at all and the attitude of trying to stifle business’ that actually provide jobs in idiotic, but listen when a senator makes a vote against you it doesn’t make him a “traitor”.

At normal times you will not get 100% on any particular issue from any person.. I’m certainly not going to throw Scott Brown out the window over one issue or even two.. The next election in Massachusetts is in 2012. If you want Martha Coakley in 2012 or a liberal just like her who will be soft on the war on terror, soft on immigration and not vote for the repeal of Obamacare in 2013 (Which is the absolute earliest time possible to repeal it) say so now but I don’t want to hear anyone complaining if the repeal effort fails by a single vote.

Eyes on the prize people, eyes on the prize.

Brown quits in order to woo lib dems

and not realizing that they mean Gordon Brown quits not Scott Brown quits.

A cruel person could have some real fun with this.

My latest column for the Examiner is now available here.

It’s on tea party reaction to the Boston Herald article concerning Wall Street Contributions. It looks like Josh’s reaction might have been an aberration.

The world has ended, whatever shall we do, dig up Ted Kennedy and put him back in the seat, send Coakley up here, let loose the hounds of hell etc etc etc…

Let’s be blunt, against the worst candidate of any type I’ve ever seen, who had promised to advance a health care plan that even democrats that I talked to couldn’t stand he managed to get 52% of the vote. What do you think is going to happen in a general election against an effective candidate with a solid record and a bunch of other democrats on the ballot all needed to get themselves elected and/or re-elected?

Remember Mr. Brown is up for re-election in only two years. From everything that people I talked to said this type of vote will make a huge difference to them.

I’m figuring we will get him about 70-75% of the time, perhaps if we are lucky even 85%, if we can do that I’ll be satisfied, at least for now.

I think Massachusetts has the potential to change for the better this is not the last step but the first one, give us some time and amazing thing might happen all over the state.