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Lucky for you POWIP is on the job in the NY Senate race

and I’ve made it clear that I preferred J. D. to John McCain, but isn’t it a contradiction to drop the republican nominee in Arizona for the libertarian, while rightfully screaming bloody murder over Murkowski in Alaska?

I want that senate to be a Republican one. If the people of Arizona were not as wise as the folks in Alaska it doesn’t mean we should take such a risk when we need every possible seat in the senate for a shot at changing the leadership.

The NRCC is being foolish if they are playing games with the results in Alaska and the grass roots are right to withholding funds from such idiots if they are spending their dough to contest a finished primary rather than in places like Ma-03 or ma-03 or Ca-36 where the cash would be a godsend, but that doesn’t mean we should do anything to risk an admittedly imperfect senate seat when we can’t spare a single one.

And do you really want to give the NRCC an excuse to spend more on Arizona when we have races we are in a real position to win that can use the dough?

If this report that the GOP is thinking of going wobbley over a horse race that they hold ever single year is true. Then the GOP is paying more attention to the beltway than to their base.

I frankly suspect this is a progressive/liberal fantasy a case of the media trying to wish something true.

If there is one thing the base has learned it is not to trust comprehensive democratic bills that nobody has read. Senate Republicans would be wise to remember this.

Update: Looks like another folding like a wet blanket profile in stupidity by the GOP. Not one red cent.