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Then don’t forget to get yourself a copy of Dan Collins book Was it something I said?

Don’t forget he was at the Brown Party too and did yeoman service.

College professors on our side of the aisle are rare enough, when they turn up we need to support them.

Plus he wore a Fedora, what more needs to be said?

One of the side effects of a blog suddenly getting a lot more traffic then it used to in an increased number of e-mail to deal with and a whole lot more comments to answer and think about.

One of those commentators was Cindy who had this to say about the “daughter being available” business:

That is something my dad would do. In fact, he’s done a lot worse than that. I don’t care much, and I’m sure his daughters don’t, either. If your dad speaks in public (mine’s a preacher), you kinda get used to being poked at that way. People need to lighten up.

Now I don’t know Cindy and it’s unlikely we will ever meet but my apolitical wife had the same reaction. I’ll wager a lot of sons and daughters across the country of every political persuasion had this same reaction.

In a world were 12 year old girls are sold for cows and 13 year old girls get 90 lashes for taking a cell phone to school an attempt to portray Senator Brown’s remarks as misogyny doesn’t rate and that Army of Cindys out there knows it.

The worst thing a political party or movement can do is to lose credibility with the people they are trying to persuade. When you make a charge that regular people recognize as bogus the fall away begins.

Update: Reaganite Republican links thanks: American Glob doesn’t but I felt like linking to him anyway.

Update 2: Robert Stacy Links me all over. The fact that some people are making what they are of this say a whole lot more about them then it does about Scott Brown.

I’m still in a bit of a daze as I start to re-transition to a normal life and try to catch up on sleep but I noticed that I didn’t do the “fun” posts that Dan and Stacy did so here is some of that:

Would you believe I was so tired I didn’t recognize Norah O’Donnell? Until I read Dan’s post I didn’t realize she was there. Then again ok it’s Norah O’Donnell she’s there, big deal.

Ace of spades is a nice quiet guy, his actual self is so counter instinctual to his blog.

I must have been the only guy there not drinking.

Ali Akbar (Brown’s new media guy) is a smart young young who has such a clear idea of what he wants to do it’s amazing. With the experience that age will bring he will really be a go to guy.

Update/Clarification: I should mention that Ali is not with the permanent staff but was hired by the Brown campaign. If what I saw was any indication I strongly suggest any person thinking of running a senate/house campaign give him a call to snap him up. He will be invaluable to you.

Oh and did I mention that some bloggers had better seats than media. (I wasn’t one of them) but that’s ok, in my opinion the stage wasn’t where the action is.

There is nothing that gives you the impression of the approach of old age than seeing all these people working and having the thought “My God they’re so young!” go through your head.

Speaking of going through one’s head, Pam Geller of Atlas tried on my fedora and I had to look away, my comment was I’m glad my wife didn’t know what I was thinking at that point. What was that thought? My God is this woman attractive!

I also complemented her on her work, the stuff she covers is very important, particularly with the level of indifference concerning Radical Islam.

Funny story I was discussing radical Islam with her for a bit when I realized that I hadn’t introduced myself to the lady to her left. (I’d already met Kerry Pickett) thinking I was being impolite to a lady I apologized and introduced myself. That person was Karen Tumulty of Time Magazine. I get the distinct impression that she thought I was trying to schmooze (hey look time talks to me), but unless she reads this (unlikely) she will never know.

Speaking of Kerry Pickett she was filing stories from my dining room table on Friday night. You can’t help but like this woman, she has competence in places that people don’t have, and has the bluntness of my older sister. She also has what I call the “20 year face” she is the type of woman who will look just as nice 20 years later. She reminds me of my wife brains and beauty. The fact that some lucky young man has not married her is a striking blow to the reputation of the entire male sex or a tribute to her good judgment in waiting for a guy worthy of her.

And yes I’m an old Sicilian Catholic that’s the way I think.

Speaking of young smart woman one of the great pleasure of the night was speaking with Roxeanne, ironic as one of my favorite films is Jose Ferrer’s as Cyrano de Bergerac

The concept that 1000 people were interested in what I had to say on a webcast was fascinating.

Strangely enough I had no interest in talking to the Brown daughters, but I must say I felt very good for his wife Gail who must have spent a lot of time biting her tongue in the last few weeks.

Carl Cameron is a very nice guy and gave us respect and time.

I can’t wait to find work so I can get a new laptop, mine is on its last legs.

Take a look at this video from 73wire Real Clear Politics and see if you can spot something important…

That is me in the background, While most of the reporter types were busy talking to themselves, I was interviewing the waitstaff. Why? Because they were the only voters in the room! I talked to more than a dozen of them and got great information on all kinds of things. It speaks volumes that a room full of reporters didn’t think of doing this.

If you want to get real answers to real questions ask Joe Malone, not Mitt Romney.

The local reporters don’t know how lucky they are. The Brown win will lead to more competitive races, which are less boring to cover.

I am not used to the amount of hits and e-mail I’ve gotten, it will be a bit till I’m caught up, and I apologize if I didn’t reply in my normal prompt way. No wonder instapundit doesn’t do comments.

None of the celebration stuff hit me, once I decided the race was over in my mind I was already thinking about the next story or maybe it was sheer exhaustion.

On and speaking of celebration I discovered Atlas dances while sitting down as I do.

Speaking of sheer exhaustion I’m hitting the sack since I have to be out of the house by 4. I can’t wait to return to a regular sleep cycle.