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…for a couple of reasons.

1. I personally think the rules as written are a bit weird, If I make a call from this room but not that room it is legal or illegal. I understand the principle but I think it’s a question of having a lawyer smart enough to define the hoops. It’s not the location but the selling of favors that matter.

2. The idea of a congressman hitting up lobbyists for money is about as shocking as the concept that John Kerry & John Edwards combined spend more on their hair a year then I do on clothes (including Fedoras).

3. I actually disagree with this statement at Big Government

The call could be examined to see if it breaks House ethics rules, and could not come at a worse time for Democrats trying to maintain their majority in the House and Senate in November midterm elections. Ethics violations by Republicans helped get Democrats elected in the last two election cycles when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to “drain the swamp.”

I actually think this is the absolute best time for the Democrats to let every crooked deal and unethical thing dump out. This election cycle is lost, and not just lost, SPECTACULARLY lost. The MSM is pinning their Nov 2nd storyline on hopes of Senate victories in Delaware and Alaska two states who’s combined have the same amount of seats in the house as Rhode Island. and have less combined representation in congress that Connecticut.

If you are going to lose anyway make it big, that way any pickup in 2012 can be spun as a “return to moderation”.

But I guess if it’s your seat in danger it’s hard to see the big picture.

I personally think a less restrictive but more open set of rules would be best. As long as the people who vote you in know what you are doing and who you are getting the dough from I don’t have an issue.

…one about the past and one about the present.

Nasty Thought #1: All this draft nonsense:

Do you get the feeling that MSNBC and the left are pushing and talking draft right now because they are afraid of Gen Petraeus? Not afraid of him politically but afraid of him as a general. I have the horrible and uncharitable feeling that they are afraid he will actually win this war.

Success in the war would mean a more powerful US. One more likely to act rather than talk. The concept of the US military as a force never to be used is even more sacred to the left than the first black president. They aren’t in a position to attack Petraeus so the only way to counter him is to get the country talking draft. With a high unemployment rate and college so expensive it is a tempting solution to several social/economic problems but it would scare the britches off of many in the ME generation.

The left has never lost their love of 60’s radicalism, it was their greatest moment, it is their dream to bring it back in living color.

Such an appraisal is not very fair to most of the left and is as I said a nasty thought, but right now it is stuck in my head and won’t come out.

Nasty Thought #2 Al Gore

For years I’ve wondered why Al Gore didn’t assert himself during the Clinton Impeachment stuff. It would have been up to Gore to talk to the president and say it was time for him to go. If he had conventional wisdom says he would have easily won election in 2000 and maybe even in 2004. Not only did he not assert himself but he after the impeachment vote made that ludicrous speech calling Mr. Bill “One of our greatest presidents” (talk about grading on a curve)! In my mind the question has always been: Why did he play along?

I have the nasty feeling that question has now been answered. Does anyone believe for one moment that if the Clintons knew Gore had some ahem “interesting diversions” they wouldn’t have held that over him? Al understood that people judge a Rogue differently than a “strait arrow”. It’s the expectations game. People were not surprised that Clinton was messing around and judged him accordingly, but Gore? He would be judged by his strait arrow image.

Again this is a nasty thought and assumes Gore’s guilt but I can’t get it out of my head.

Are these thoughts a sign I am becoming paranoid or am I just becoming more street savvy? What do you think?