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…on Morning Joe. I presume he hasn’t read this post either.

I never acknowledged Jay Nordlinger…

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…for giving Mike Romano his props here. Bravo to Jay. And don’t miss his latest column where he dumps on former hunger striker and now president of Brazil who for some reason had very little sympathy for a certain late Cuban dissident:

…he defended the Castros’ dictatorship. He said, “We have to respect the decisions of the Cuban legal system and the government to arrest people depending on the laws of Cuba.” He further said, “I don’t think a hunger strike can be used as a pretext for human rights to free people. Imagine if all the criminals in São Paulo entered into hunger strikes to demand freedom.” Thus did he compare prisoners of conscience to drug dealers, rapists, and murderers.

and Che’s daughter is even worse if possible

“She said he (Zapata) was a common criminal who went on a hunger strike not to demand freedom but to demand a television set, a telephone and a kitchen,” Salles said Friday.

Aleida Guevara is a liar, and having a monstrous father is no excuse. Romano Mussolini was a jazz pianist who turned out pretty much fine.

It’s really sad to see this stuff, not only because of the inhumanity but to watch people just throw their souls away.

And lets ask a basic question, if Cuba was a paradise people claim it was why are we still seeing stories like this:

A Cuban diplomat based in Mexico and her husband defected last week, but their whereabouts remain unknown, worried relatives said Tuesday.

Yusimil Casañas, 25, head of the passport section of the Cuban embassy in Mexico City, and her husband, Michel Rojas, 32, disappeared March 17, said her uncle, Esteban Casañas Lostal, who lives in Canada.

People don’t have to defect from paradise. I really can’t believe the left is really stupid enough to pretend that Cuba is anything but what is has been for decades, one giant prison camp that feeds an elite and waits on an increasing amount of foreign tourists who either don’t know better or don’t care.

…namely Inside the Pelosi Sausage Factory. It is clear she has never met Mike Romano.

Update: Pundit & Pundette links to and re-uses the sausage meme of Strassel. They must not know Mike either.

…and I recommend his impromptus column in the same way as Hemingway recommended C. S. Forester…”to every literate I know“.

Today I have a bone to pick with him. He says something very true about the obamacare bill going through congress:

I am not a liberal Democrat, and you may not be, either. But if we were: Don’t you think we’d be embarrassed at the way Pelosi et al. are going about getting “Obamacare” through? The parliamentary maneuvering, the skullduggery? Especially after Obama and the party at large promised openness, transparency, orderliness, and so on? The Democrats’ legislation would mark a major change in the way we operate in this country. Don’t you think the legislation should be handled with honesty and dignity? Don’t you think that most of the country, or at least a good deal of it, should have a feeling of pride and satisfaction about the process?

Very true and well put but then he hits a pet peeve of mine…

Yes, yes, I know all about “sausage and legislation”

As I wrote to Jay today:

If more laws were made like his (Romano’s) sausages the country would be in fine shape.

When I see that quote in the future I’ll be dropping a small line along with the link to my post on the subject. I hope I have better luck than Tim Blair and the plastic Turkey stuff.

Update: Jay acknowledges Romano.