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We have a new miss USA.

I don’t know if she won due to affirmative action (wouldn’t surprise me).

I don’t know if Miss Oklahoma lost because she supported the Arizona law (wouldn’t surprise me).

I don’t know if she supports Hezbollah or not.

I wouldn’t have thought that a champion pole dancer would be in line to win miss USA (that did surprise me).

I do know this, when I saw that woman on TV this morning there was absolutely no question that in terms of just beauty, no offense to miss Oklahoma but there is absolutely no contest. This woman is simply stunning.

I know that beauty is a matter of taste so you might disagree, and it’s a fair argument that on other grounds she might not have deserved the crown, but when I looked at her my first reaction was simply: Wow!

I’m getting old and I’m very married but I’m not blind or dead.

Update: Guest blogging for Glenn Reynolds, Randy Balko reviews the evidence. That evidence is actually less impressive to me. All of the women involved are going to be shapely, but that is a twenty year face if I ever saw one.

I suspect if Miss Schlussel is correct than an old quote from the original Jon Sable comic might be in order, but we aren’t there yet.

Update 2: Miss USA photos available for further inspections. It’s like the blogs version of sweeps week.

Update 3: I was wondering when Stacy was going to join in sweeps week.

Spent the night working on my taxes and at a hospitality meeting for my church.

Meanwhile in at a blog near you see see the following:

Camp of the Saints celebrates St. Patrick’s day by bringing on Rule 5 a few days early as he puts it “Erin go braless”.

How is it that visiting the camp of the saints tend to make a person want to sin?

Over at the DaHospitalityGuy’s place he talks on a much more serious note about anti-depressants and unemployment:

Am I depressed? Of course I am. Naturally who wouldn’t be? I’m without a job. I’m without my family. I miss reading to my daughter. I miss playing with my son. I miss giving hugs and kisses and hearing them say I love you daddy.

Do I need a pill to take those feelings away? No. I want to miss my children. I want to care. I have a purpose. I don’t want a pill to cover that up and make me feel artificially better.

I know things have been hard for me but If you have some prayers to offer, I’d send them his way first.

Meanwhile at Haemet the charming Roxeanne (yet another example of 20/40) reminds of that we conservatives have been declared defeated many times before:

In the fifteen months since the Left declared us to be a waning political group and a thing of the past, we’ve seen:

* The popularity of conservatism eclipse that of liberalism;
* “Swing state” Virginia elect a hard-core conservative a twenty-point margin;
* New Jersey elect a conservative governor;
* Prius-driving Bostonians go crazy over Scott Brown, who campaigned on the promise of stopping the liberals in DC; and
* Barack Obama’s approval ratings drop to the lowest point of any sitting President at this time in an administration.

Running score: Leftists, 0; conservatives, 1.

Have of the battle is the willingness to keep fighting.

This is not something I would normally cover but the rumored Lindsay Lohan sex tape is going to produce a lot of serious viral infections and not just on film.

Mark my words as soon as such a tape comes out the Limewires and bittorrents will be full of downloads and fake sites promising said tape delivering instead a plethora of virus, spyware, malware, various bots and Martha Coakley negative ads (they are running everywhere else after all).

So teenagers heed my warning, the 40 seconds of film you will “enjoy” may cost you many dollars and hours of virus removal.

And if you don’t, well you can always hire me to remove them.

5 years ago my teenage son asked me…

Posted: January 6, 2010 by datechguy in oddities
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…if he had a chance with Amanda Bynes. Being a kind father I said anything was possible but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. He used to watch the Amanda show religiously along with All that and figure it out. It was on my TV for years and I watched her grow up.

Today via WeSmirch Hollywood tuna has a rather…interesting shot of her from a Maxim shoot that she apparently twittered to fans.

Yes I know she is 25 now, yes I know this is the normal career path, but boy that shocked me. If I didn’t realize how old I was before I sure do now.

Oh BTW my son hit the sack when he came home, after leaving for work at 5 a.m. He just staggered down the stairs after a nap, half asleep. I brought up the link and showed him the picture. That woke him up in a hurry.