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…when I got two press releases on the very last day at the very last-minute at the same time. One from Ron Paul’s group touting his victory in the straw poll. (That actually says a good thing about Mitt Romney, he realized that the number of free trips he would need to give out to counter Congressman Paul’s forces was a bad investment) and the Other from the YAF about expelling Ron Paul.

Before I say another word full disclosure: Members of the YAF have been friends to me on a personal level and to this blog on a professional level (even when it was small) this is worth a lot of coin in the Bank of Sicily

Since getting home I’ve been tweeting back and forth with a fan of Paul named @flyingcomic. Rather than putting words in his mouth go check out his tweets and see what he has to say.

I have a lot to do tonight so let me cut to the chase. I think that some of Mr. Paul’s supports particularly the anti-war ones are to put it politely “out there”. I think their actions during the Cheney Speech where dishonorable. I don’t know if there was any interaction between the group and the Paul camp before his expulsion but as I said they have been friends to me and I’m going to assume that they acted with due discretion when making their decision until I’m given a reason otherwise.

As for Ron Paul. He was for fiscal responsibility before it was cool and is unapologetic pro-life. He is absolutely right on these two issues.

That being said his views on the War on Terror are straight out of the pre pearl harbor days of World War 2. He is absolutely wrong on this issue.

Or to put it better. Ron Paul reminds me of Norton Anti-Virus. When it works it works fabulously. When it fails it fails spectacularly!

Ron Paul managed to win the CPAC straw poll again. Unless he plans on paying for the residency for the same proportion of people in each primary state to move him he will not duplicate this result when it comes time to vote in the states.

To those who support him, remember this is not a religion, this is a candidate. Disagreeing with Ron Paul is not blasphemy, if you start treating it as if it is you stop becoming a political movement and start becoming a cult. Beware of this.

Paul’s message on fiscal responsibility is serious and should be treated as such. His message on Israel and the war on terror is simply nonsense and should also be treated as such. If you disagree with either of those two sentences in my book this doesn’t make you a kook, nut, fanatic or evil, simply wrong on some issues. If because you disagree with either of those sentences you get extremely angry and decide I am a kook, nut, fanatic or evil then take a deep breath and look in a mirror, or even better say a decade of the rosary and meditate upon them.

Donald Trump at the podium. It was worth coming to CPAC just to see someone willing to say that out loud. It was the emperor has no clothes moment of CPAC

some other quotes from Trump:

“Leaders from China and Mexico can’t believe what they are getting away with. The view our leadership as weak and ineffective.”

“Most successful people don’t want to be scrutinized or abused”

Update: Trump has decided he doesn’t want to talk to bloggers row. Yup he’s not afraid of tough questions.

…he is capable of making an interesting argument and is not afraid of making them.

Today on Morning Joe he has teamed with Ron Paul and now Pat Buchanan and is making the argument on base cutbacks in Europe and elsewhere.

The question he and Ron Paul (and now Pat) make is an interesting one: At what point do we let Europe defend itself?

It’s a fair conversation to have. He talked about the financial costs for us and the subsidy that it , but he actually neglected one of the more important arguments in his favor.

Culturally you have a change in Europe where you have nations that have forgotten how to defend themselves. Recall the famous line from Oscar van den Boogaard quoted in this column and Mark Steyn’s America Alone:

“I am not a warrior, but who is?” he shrugged. “I have never learned to fight for my freedom. I was only good at enjoying it.”

and to show that the attitute is not just owned by Dutch gay humanists here is a doozy:

Broder is convinced that the Europeans are not willing to oppose islamization. “The dominant ethos,” he told De Volkskrant, “is perfectly voiced by the stupid blonde woman author with whom I recently debated. She said that it is sometimes better to let yourself be raped than to risk serious injuries while resisting. She said it is sometimes better to avoid fighting than run the risk of death.”

Why would we expect a culture that doesn’t have to defend itself to do so? If we want this to change we would have to take the hand away. The question becomes are they too far gone already? Would Europe change or fold if our defensive blanket was removed? This is the true cost of American defense.

And then comes the other end of the coin. The benefits of our forward bases. Can a re-armed Europe be able to defend against a newly re-aggressive Russia? Would a re-armed Europe decide to go back to fighting among themselves? Would a Newly re-armed Europe’s military infrastructure become an Islamic military infrastructure in a generation?

Even more important are all of those problems not taking place simply because US troops are there? There were no US bases in Serbia when the war took place, is that a coincidence?

Or put another way: Will US troops and treasure in even greater quantities have to be spent to re-impose peace and re-take territory once we leave?

Or to put it another way, everything costs something. Both positions carry price and risks. Which price and which risk do we as a nation want to incur?

Morning Joe talks to Ron Paul

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Lets see what everyone has to say.

Joe asks him about the young people who supported him.

“When I go to the campus’ I’m encouraged, but when I go to the hill…”

Joe: “Does the Republican party get it yet?…”

Ron Paul: “I don’t think so.” He goes on about not cutting the foreign aid or the “empire” He hits the federal reserve.

Capeheart: How do you translate that energy to the actual polls?

Paul: In a few years they will be in the job market and will care. I’m more interested in changing philosophy than policy

Sorkin: Are we ever going to get financial reform?

Paul: “Lets hope not because they would make things a lot worse…Pretending regulations would make things better is incorrect…let the market regulate it.”

Melissa: This seems like a stunning overstatement about young people. Is this really about their perspective or are you just a “character”.

Paul: Revolutions don’t come without the support of the young. Any time I see a young person I give them a copy of the constitution.

Joe quotes his book quoting Paul: “Ironically by transferring risk the government risks a crash” quote is from 2003

Paul: I’m competing with Keynes economic system every day with the idea of the free market.

Joe: Would Romney make a difference?

Paul: At the moment no, but if the movement grows then the pressure will grow. He is certainly right about Romney, he will go were the people take him.

One of the big advantages that Paul has in a setting like this is that he comes across very reasonably. He actually has a great potential to take “liberal” votes due to his isolationism in terms of the anti-war absolutists. I do think that MSNBC likes to promote him because it gives Republicans fits.