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…then at least they would have the support of the local community:

Twin brother pediatricians are going on trial on charges that for years they used their practices in a middle-class Ohio community to recruit boys for sex and bribed them not to tell authorities.

Jury selection began Monday in the trial of 53-year-old Mark Blankenburg in a state court in Butler County, about 30 miles north of Cincinnati. Blankenburg’s twin, Dr. Scott Blankenburg, faces a separate trial in April.

Details are few on the number of victims, their ages or where the alleged crimes occurred. The charges include multiple counts of corruption of a minor with at least two youths who were ages 13 to 15 at the time.

What do real estate people say, location , location location. After all if they were in Hollywood maybe Harvey Weinstein could start a new petition for them. Maybe then people would be afraid not to sign:

Could it be that courage does not come as easy when it is time to oppose someone who might give you your next movie role, or you might be doing a deal with soon? The warlord in Sudan, rebel soldier in Congo or the Taliban cannot kill a Hollywood career. The sad fact is that many people in Hollywood probably think that what Polanski did is reprehensible, but lack the real courage – putting your livelihood and status on the line – to go against Harvey Weinstein, Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen, so they just keep their mouths shut and hope the story dies soon. Any actor, agent, director, makeup artist or craft services person who spoke out to disagree with the kingmakers would instantly be dead to “the industry” and everyone knows it. Where is your moral outrage and big voice now Hollywood?

I think it would be really instructive to see if a petition for these twin docs was circulated among the signers of the other to see what they would say.

Update: in Hollywood I am not sure a 13-year-old is really a 13-year-old. Here I thought I was making an Ironic Joke and the Washington Post shows otherwise.

Update 2: Will the last blogger out the door pick up Patterico’s jaw from the floor?

The Swiss Polanski countdown…

Posted: October 6, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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concerning bail and initial release should end sometime this week:

The Swiss Justice Ministry says it will decide this week whether to grant a request from Roman Polanski to be released from prison.

Ministry spokesman Folco Galli says the appeal by Polanski’s legal team is separate from a court case it filed last week that also seeks Polanski’s freedom, possibly on bail or under house arrest in Switzerland.

Simple logic should preclude any kind of release as he does have a history of flight.

The story would suggest that the Swiss are unlikely to give him bail but after what I’ve seen this week I’m not taking any bets either way.

If I’m Hollywood I really want this to go away as soon as possible, I don’t think they want more Hitchens articles like this:

Once you begin to notice that special set of ethics known as Hollywood exceptionalism, you may find yourself seeing it everywhere. In a recent book titled We’ll Be Here for the Rest of Our Lives (and enticingly subtitled A Swingin’ Showbiz Saga), late-night music maestro Paul Shaffer feels that he perhaps ought to say something about Phil Spector’s conviction for the murder of another human being whose name most people can’t remember. So he does say something. “I regret all the tragedy that has surrounded Phil in recent years,” is what he chooses to say. Not really even a try, let alone a nice try.

He exposes the dirty little secret that the outrage of Hollywood’s reaction to Polanski is that their reaction is not outrageous by Hollywood standards.

Update: No Bail for you!

…based on a movie:

That this could happen to a famous director with excellent representation should send shivers to everyone else about what could happen to them. Instead, people want to spout off on the vigilante justice they think appropriate for Polanski based on crimes to which he never pleaded guilty and which were never proven in a court of law.

Ignorance and vengeance knows no bounds in the court of public opinion. Particularly by those who turn a blind eye to the facts. (Here is the Motion to Dismiss (pdf)and the Victim’s Declaration (pdf).)

Shorter version: Roman Polanski went for a ride on the elevator of justice, but all he got was the shaft. Free Roman.

Hey we all know how much good information you can get from a film:

Loaded with powerful, new footage and in-depth interviews with the likes of Steven Earl Jones, an American physicist who has discovered undetonated explosive material in multiple samples of dust from the World Trade Center collapses, this documentary presents a wide array of evidence both known and unknown…until now. Eight years later, the American people continue to live in the aftermath of 9/11 and deal with its ongoing repercussions. Is this just another machination of power on the timeline of history? If so, the real question is what happens next? Or better yet, what can we do to prevent another 9/11

Hey that was a movie too? Maybe the Truthers are onto something…

If you can tell the difference between Talk Left’s movie driven position and the truthers position then you are smarter than me.

The hole that is being dug by these guys just blows my mind. It is lemmings off the cliff.

This is going to be a turning point in the culture wars.

…Anne Applebaum’s just seems to be odder than others.

As one commenter on the site noted, if Applebaum finds the description of rape and sodomy “salacious”, she needs help.

Her statement is here one quote:

Of course, there were some very legitimate disagreements, including two excellent ones from my colleagues Gene Robinson and Richard Cohen, and I take some of their points. But to them, and to all who imagine that the original incident at the heart of this story was a straightforward and simple criminal case, I recommend reading the transcript of the victim’s testimony (here in two parts) — including her descriptions of the telephone conversation she had with her mother from Polanski’s house, asking permission to be photographed in Jack Nicholson’s jacuzzi — and not just the salacious bits.

Patterico has this to say:

There is nothing in there about asking the victim’s mom for permission to have pictures taken in the jacuzzi. Applebaum made that part up. [UPDATE: Not that it matters. The suggestion that the mother’s consent to jacuzzi photographs would amount to consent to her daughter’s anal rape is perhaps Applebaum’s most amazing and offensive contention yet.]

It is amusing to read her commenters. They are having none of it.

You know I think I should revise my crazy uncle theory. After the past month maybe everyone is a crazy uncle, just about different things.

Update: Hey it’s not like it was Mark Foley or Elia Kazan. It is eye opening.