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by e-mail:

After nearly a week of criticism following revelations that he misrepresented his military record and five days after a press conference in which he expressed regret for his misstatements, Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Richard Blumenthal apologized.

“At times when I have sought to honor veterans, I have not been as clear or precise as I should have been about my service in the Marine Corps Reserves,” Blumenthal said in a statement emailed to the Courant late Sunday by his spokeswoman, Maura Downes. I have firmly and clearly expressed regret and taken responsibility for my words. emphasis mine

Because nothing says firmness and strength like an e-mail sent by a spokeswoman!

There is weak and there is WEAK!

1. They are not giving Blumenthal a break on the “misspoke” business you can see Mika is simply disgusted because she knows the person and apparently expected better from him. This is consistent with the Allahpundit report of yesterday. Then again even the NYT editorial page didn’t support him.

2. When talking about pa-12 they pointed out that the democrat ran away from Obama. They are not treating it as a victory for the administration.

You would never know it was MSNBC

Update: They are reading the times editorial and are playing it up. You can see Mika is VERY pained over having to say what she is saying but it didn’t stop her from saying it.

On Pa-12 They now are playing up Capehart column saying that Pa-12 is a loss for the president. Exactly right, they are giving lip service to the NYT can’t win one race how will they win 100 business. Maybe when Todd is on they will spin it more

…even doing an expose on a front running democrat:

what is striking about Mr. Blumenthal’s record is the contrast between the many steps he took that allowed him to avoid Vietnam, and the misleading way he often speaks about that period of his life now, especially when he is speaking at veterans’ ceremonies or other patriotic events.

Sometimes his remarks have been plainly untrue, as in his speech to the group in Norwalk. At other times, he has used more ambiguous language, but the impression left on audiences can be similar.

Via this tweet by Joe Scarborough. Today Mika is talking about how he has done good work and has wanted this for years and how shocked she is about the story.

HotAir however is shocked that the NYT actually broke the story.

Credit where credit is due: No doubt it pained the NYT to drop a bomb on one of the few surefire Democratic winners this November, but they dropped it anyway.

Smitty is having none of it:

Why are we congratulating the NYT for doing the right thing? Should we as well give Blumenthal a medal for not firing a shot in a theater to which he apparently never deployed?

Smitty must still have scripture on his mind after our discussion yesterday and is remembering Luke 17:10b.

Bob Woodward is going on about what a good job and how relevant the NYT is. I think it really speaks volumes about the times that we expect so little from them that we cheer when they do their job.

Scarborough is talking about his prospects for recovering from this. They are going on about how he should handle it and how he could get though it. Sam Stein in particularly give him some defense but everyone is overlooking something important: His opponent’s real military record

Closing thought, how far has the times fallen for us to be so excited by them doing their job?

Update: Mika is really pained looking at these quotes as he knows and likes the guy and came out and said so. Her reaction and the reality of it has to be seen. She sang the praises of his record, but she is having none of the spin. It’s one of the reasons I like her, she is too honest to try to spin this any other way. Sam Stein however is spinning like mad comparing Cheney to Blumenthal. To my knowledge Cheney never misrepresented his record. On the advice of my wife I will not describe him with the adjective he deserves.

Update 2: Ruby Slippers talks about the implosion

She is a candidate for the Senate in Connecticut and is spending her morning being attacked by Lawrence O’Donnell mercilessly over the WWE and steroids and over the new jobs bill. To anyone who knows Lawrence O’Donnell this is not any kind of surprise

Her opponent Richard Blumenthal will be coming on shortly. No word if there will be a republican attack dog available to question him. (HA!)

Richard Blumenthal is now on, like McMahon he is supporting tax cuts for small business. Joe askes him about Countrywide and Chris Dodd and Lawrence is jumping in to defend Dodd. Everyone is all laughs. Donny Deutsch asks a really good question about separating himself from the democratic party. Now comes the soft balls.