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My latest examiner piece talks about the most significant race of yesterday, it was NOT in Delaware:

Even so the state Republican party didn’t manage to run a candidate to oppose Martha Coakley for Attorney General this year, but a man named James McKenna decided to get involved, he visited tea party after tea party all over the state and launched a sticker campaign to get on the ballot for November.

Sticker campaigns are notoriously tough, A republican campaign in Massachusetts even doubly so.

Today less than an hour ago I was awakened by an excited call from a friend involved in the tea party. The first words out of the phone:

“Guess who is going to be on the ballot against Martha Coakley in November?”

Christine O’Donnell’s win is big, don’t get me wrong, but it was a symptom of the type of thing that put Jim McKenna on the November ballot in Massachusetts. Tea Party activists in small groups in city after city working hard to make a difference. Multiply this by the cities and towns throughout the state and country and you have what is coming down the pike.

This is the story that the media refuses to believe. They will believe it Nov 3rd.

Update: C’Mon Smitty you tweeted the AP story on it and not mine? Mea culpa on that, it was a different retweet, I take it back.

I absolutely love Kristine’s story:

The truth is there is nothing you can do until you decide to do it. Kristine is the perfect expression of the change in this country, people deciding to get involved. She got involved. Plymouth county and the PCRSP should be pleased to have her. I don’t know if she is involved in the tea parties but she is a perfect expression of them.

the latest in our series of Plymouth County GOP straw poll films from 9/1/2010

Without a question we need more people like Joe Truschelli running in Massachusetts, the state won’t change until people step up.

Haley Barbour is a first rate Gov, (look at Mississippi’s recovery from Katrina vs La.) who is a solid conservative and republican and if he runs he would without a question be the most qualified candidate in the field.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely think Sarah Palin is awesome, her willingness to take on this administration when others would not is very important and absent Barbour I would without a question support her, but if he is in the field on primary day I can’t see how I can support her over him and of course a Barbour/Palin ticket would be incredible, particularly since Palin still being a young woman (in terms of presidential politics) could easily do two terms afterwords. Palin would also excel in the traditional vice presidential role of speaking for and defending conservative politics and principles of such an administration

Joe mentions that a white Mississippi governor running against Barack Obama is going to be treated like Bull Connor by the MSM, the NAACP et/al, but then again any candidate running against Obama will be treated as such. That is true but the media has overdrawn on both the race card and their credibility account so I wouldn’t worry about it.