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In this case from Little Miss Attila’s site.

She was writing about the difference between emotional vs physical infidelity and I commented on something that happened to me recently. I was planning on making fun of myself for the idiocy later but since I answered the comment there I decided not to wait.

So from her comments I promote the bit about idiocy and sleep apnea.

The hardest part of a relationship is the learning to live with each other. For me it was that third month when the shine of marriage became coping with each other.

Once time goes on it can become really interesting. One thing I’ve found about myself is that I can even after all these years can actually be very tone deaf on this kind of thing. I really blew it recently without realizing it.

My wife has been on my case for a year about getting a sleep study, She wakes up a lot at night and discovered me not breathing so she would shake me. I would wake up and she would tell me I need to get that checked.

I come from a family notorious for not bothering to go to the doctor. My mother and Aunt both avoid them and will be 86 and 89 respectively this year so although my wife is a nurse who knows her stuff I pooh poohed it.

At CPAC however one day I met Cynthia Yockey who actually had this problem and is still suffering the ill effects of it. I don’t know how it came up in conversation but she was emphatic that I had to get that sleep study to make sure what happened to her didn’t happen to me. After that I agreed.

As you might remember I am kind of naive by nature so I assumed my wife would be happy that I was finally doing the study, but when she found out that I was doing so on the advice of a someone else (I don’t think the fact that is was a woman, lesbian or no made the difference) she was furious. I’m still hearing about it weeks later and paying for it.

You would think after all these years I would have figured it out. All my friends say I really blew it, I don’t think there is anything I could have done to get her angrier. Yet I didn’t have a clue.

So guys take this advice to heart, think!