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Gerry Dembrowski’s story is a very sad one as he is lost his wife during this campaign:

The idea that a person like Ed Markey who has been a real enabler for a lot of the nonsense we are dealing with is considered safe is disgraceful. Dembrowski’s presentation about who is to blame has an awful lot of truth to it, with one exception, we do bear some responsibility as we elected these people over and over again.

It’s our own fault we are in this mess, but by electing people like Gerry we can solve it.

Bill Hudak is looking to win the 6th district republican primary on the 14th. This is his presentation at the Reading Tea party on Sept 7th:

Hudak is an excellent speaker who did something that instantly made me like him. He started to run MONTHS before Scott Brown was elected and way before anyone thought the democrats were in trouble.

Rush Limbaugh said that the pioneers take the arrows. Hudak has gotten an awful lot of flack from the MSM and if he wins the nomination he will get even more (of course EVERY GOP candidate will) but Hudak seems to get their special ire as he was willing to stand out when nobody else was. I was also pleased with the answer to my question concerning helping the State GOP if he won, he said: Win or lose I will be helping the GOP locally.

Media attacks not withstanding I think Mr. Hudak will be a valuable asset to the Republican party in general and the conservative movement in particular for years to come.

One of the speakers at the Reading Tea Party last night was Rob McCarthy who is hoping to win the nomination to face John Tierney in the 6th district.

The light was REALLY horrible in the room and all of my videos taken there have a red Tint that I don’t have time to edit out.

McCarthy is an inactive Marine (there is no such thing as an Ex-Marine) who currently practices law in Saugus. He has been active in local politics for a while, favors the repeal of ASAP of Obamacare), believes we can drop the costs of Insurance by allowing sales across state lines. He committed himself to helping GOP candidates statewide if he won as well. On Illegal Immigration he nailed it by saying:

“We have every right to expect people to enter this country legally & respect our law”.

That sums it up pretty well.