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My youngest is not old enough to vote yet but my oldest is. (His first ballot cast was for Scott Brown).

He asked me if government would just raise other taxes if Question 3 is passed, so I gave him the easiest explanation I could give, government is like his younger brother. To wit:

  • Me: “If you give your brother $20 how much of it will he spend?”
  • Oldest: “$20”
  • Me: “If you give your brother $10 how much of it will he spend?”
  • Oldest: “$10”
  • Me: “So if you don’t want your brother to blow his money, do you give him a $20 or a $10?”
  • Oldest: I guess I’ll vote “Yes” on question 3.

It’s all in the presentation

…apparently he has decided that if the majority of voters in an election carried out according to law vote a particularly way and the results are certified as correct he will not commit to honor them.

I think it’s rather odd, after all if the voters elect him of course he should consider himself legally elected…

…oh sorry he’s talking about the Tax rollback initiative:

Governor Deval Patrick declined to say yesterday whether he would implement a tax rollback if the voters mandate it in November, pitting him against all three of his campaign rivals, who say they would abide by the referendum.

So lets get this straight, the will of the voters only counts if they are electing him. I didn’t realize the oath of office requires one to only enforce the laws you like.

This is a real pet peeve of mine, you enforce the laws, if they stink you change them. If you decide for example not to enforce say the immigration laws then who is to stop a different gov to not enforce the gun laws, or the equal housing laws?

If Gov Patrick is not ashamed of himself it’s only because liberal self righteousness trumps all, it’s a religion without a tax exemption…

…then again maybe I’m wrong about the tax exemption part

I think this is a whole lot more important that a stupid slip of the tongue.

and it deserves a memeorandum thread a lot more too

BTW if you are not familiar with Question 3, check out my interview with Carla Howell here.