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If you are vet come with your family to St. Marks Episcopal church in Leominster Sunday at 12 noon for a free lunch.

If you believe there is no such thing as a free lunch or if you live too far away from Leominster Mass, consider instead a contribution to Project ValourIT

A: Robert Stacy McCain still gets instalances.

In fact not only does he still get instalances the lance goes to his American Spectator stuff which is a direct source of income and raises his stature and value at the magazine. This is due to his key work in the Ny-23 race (Vote Hoffman).

Meanwhile Mr. Johnson is reduced to soliciting donations on every single post rather than doing something like, helping to raise funds for Project Valour-It. (Donate at the link at the top BTW) Alas how the mighty have fallen!

And his foes don’t just get instalances they get Rush Lances too, and not secondary ones like I did.

Charles please look at yourself and see what you’ve become.

…are both supporting Project Valor It.

Update: So it HotAir. I’m sure that won’t fool Charles!