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Question: How bad are things actually for the democratic party and liberals?

When you leave the WW 2 memorial trashed after your rally, that’s bad

When you need Oprah to pay for people to go to your event, that’s worse.

But when you find yourself taking polls about a race that doesn’t exist, against an opponent that isn’t running to make an incumbent democratic senator look strong. That’s just idiotic:

The answer is not so well. Nelson leads Limbaugh 50-36 in that hypothetical match up. Nelson would have his party base pretty well locked up, independents would go for him overwhelmingly by a 58-30 margin, and even 21% of Republicans say they’d prefer Nelson to Limbaugh.

Earth to PPP Nelson isn’t running against Limbaugh and never will be. You make yourselves look like fools when this is what you are writing about 17 days before an election.