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In 2008 there was a question on the Massachusetts ballot to repeal the state income tax. It lost spectacularly by 40 points.

However a lot has changed in Massachusetts in the last 14 months to Carla Howell who spearheaded the last attempt to roll back taxes is back again. This time with an attempt to roll back the sales tax to 3%

I met her at the Post (tea) party Summit and she consented to an interview:

Things being a tad different in Massachusetts these days anything could happen.

I talked to Christine directly after the last panel

At the time I didn’t realize she was a blogger so I’ll add her to DaTechGuy’s Field guide to bloggers. Of course anyone who blogs at Smart Girl Politics deserves to be read.

Kat Malone was my final interview (although I will post one or two more later) at the conference:

Special note to regular readers of the NYT & the Washington Post; do not adjust your laptop.

I first met Sue after the opening speech by Rush Radio’s Jeff Katz, she talked just after lunch.

As a native of Philly when it comes to the NHL Eastern conference semifinals she can’t lose!