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Vincent is the man in charge of the Plymouth County GOP straw Poll and we get his perspective at the end of the event.

This was a very successful event, if we keep up the good work success will be a regular experience for the GOP in Mass.

Just before 10 p.m. after the Plymouth County GOP Straw Poll I went next door to Bella’s restaurant for a bite and in the Bar next to Corey Welch & his party all of whom joined the Axis of Fedora:

You might be asking. Pete, what’s with the grainy film? I owe Cory an apology, it was very late and I was very tired so I didn’t think to relocate to a spot with better lighting but then again the entire restaurant was very dark. It was the best tweak I could manage with Movie Maker to make him more visible

Corey Welch joins the Axis of Fedora

However I have an excellent still of him joining the Axis of Fedora, in fact his entire party joined the axis that now perhaps reaches into the Palin home. (Alas no.)

I actually had already uploaded the original and a black and white version until I settled on this as the best and deleted the other two from youtube.

Barry gives us his take on the PCGSP

Enthusiasm is the right word for what is going on. One can’t talk about the republican resurgence without using the name Scott Brown and credit is given where due.

Geoff Diehl joins the list of candidates who spoke to me at the Plymouth county GOP straw poll

His story of someone who never considered office before running is one I’ve heard a lot this year.