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It is rare enough for Fitchburg to have protests, It is even rarer for a group to have two protests in one day, but it is totally unheard of for Two different groups to be protesting two separate issues within a block of each other at the same time here.

The first of the two was the daily protest against Planned Parenthood’s attempt to open a clinic in Fitchburg. Ted Turner and his hearty band were once again standing tall. Every time I come down I see new faces but the message remains the same:

I’ve known Lorraine and her sister and her son for decades. I was surprised to see her.

Therese Cross comes down weekly to protest. she has no intention of giving up.

Ted spoke about the regular protests that have gone on since Feb 8th. He said it was a good experience and allowed him to meet a lot of good people. A new zoning resolution is going up before the city counsel tonight and he is hoping that regular order will be followed allowing the petition to pass to the zoning board without being blocked by the city counsel.

As for the tea party protesters down the block Turner and the rest of the regular group of protesters to a person expressed their support for their goals. When they left they expressed that support with a symphony of car horns.

Down the block I saw some familiar faces from the morning. Anne Andrews was there as was Michael Wertz. A local reporter showed up and asked a few questions, unfortunately for the group he left before the crowd reached its height.

I started my interviews with Kate Wirtz:

I never thought to ask if they were related. Joyce Jacobs talked to me as well.

Clark Straight had a perspective that most of the other people I talked to did not. Unlike everyone else I had met he was a long time activist who was active in Republican Political circles.

The big question is why now? We had smaller movements like Porkbusters during the Bush years but what has made the difference is? Ted Turner had one interesting thing to say. He suggested that the policies of President Obama lit a fire among the electorate. It motivated folks to get involved and an involved electorate is an informed one. You can’t have a healthy republic without one.

From what I’ve seen today, the republic is healthy indeed.

…On April 18, 1775

President Hay: The counsel will come to order, we have several items to deal with including the bond issue concerning the water wheel for the public mill on the Nashua so I’m hoping that we can get through the public comment on the petitions concerning the events of this morning that Mr. Dawes has brought up quickly. First let us salute the flag:

(Crowd faces the Union Jack and sings “God save the King”)

President Hay: Let us resume: It is now time for public comment any who wish to speak to a pending resolution may do so.

Farmer John: Hello My name is John Conroy, I have a farm at the top of the hill and I’d like to speak about the need to send the militta to help fight the Royal Troops

Counselor Conry: Point of order Mr. President. The petition doesn’t mention anything about Royal Troops or fighting, it simply states request that we provide “aid” to the citizens of the towns of Lexington and Concord.

President Hay: I’d like to give the citizen a little leeway since he and the others have left their farm on such a muddy day but I’ll will remind you Mr. Conroy that the resolution does not mention fighting or Royal Troops so please avoid such terms.

Farmer John: Thank you, Mr. President, I would like to speak to the history of the actions of the crown, The Stamp Act the Tea act, the closing of the port of Boston and the arrival of the Lobersterbacks…

Counselor Conry: Point of order Mr. President these are not on the agenda. Please I request that you keep the witnesses arguments germane, and we should not be using the word “Lobsterbacks” either.

Counselor Kaddy: Mr. President I would like to point out that the situation is highly emotional and should be given time to be considered, after all the rider only arrived at the tavern this afternoon:

Tax Collector Dominic: I would like to know where the mayor is tonight when we are discussing this.

President Hay: Tax collector you are out of order, Counselor Reynolds..

Reynolds: Mr. President we all know the situation, it has been building the Boston Massacre 5 years ago…

Counselor Solomito: Point of order Mr. President I would like to hear the report of the City Solicitor

Solicitor Ciota: Gentlemen if you all observe the parchment in front of you, you can clearly see the crown rulings concerning such actions dating back to the Guy Fawkes, You will also note the penalties involved when Boston did similar things. We would be risking the same penalties or worse if we do the same as the case law clearly shows.

Counselor Kaddy: Mr President I think we are rushing these things much too fast, I think the 2nd resolution stating that we deplore the use of Royal Troops against the citizens of Concord should be studied for at least two weeks before we continue.

Counselor Tran: Mr. President my resolution is not legally binding and doesn’t mention the crown.

Solicitor Ciota: I would like to point out that even if the resolution to dispatch Captain Ebeneezer Bridge does not pass the second resolution would be prima facie evidence that we illegally supported the actions against the crown.

Counselor Reynolds: Patriots are dying Mr. President

Counselor Conry: I am sick of hearing people complain with handbills at Kimball’s store about me. Everyone here knows I’m personally opposed to Taxation without representation but I don’t want to bring our Town to further financial risk.

Counselor Boisvert: Mr. President couldn’t we consider Counselor Tran’s resolution after the vote on dispatching the milita?

President Hay: I’m sorry counselor Boisvert, the order of the vote has been decided.

Counselor DiNatle: Mr President I initially supported these proposals but with the advice of the city solicitor and the case law of nearly 100 years I’m convinced we will get in trouble if we do this.

Counselor Joseph: Let me quote the parchment of the solicitor: “Treasonable on its face.”

Counselor Reynolds: Gentlemen I beseech you to think carefully, the local miniute men will still be drilling at Kimball’s store, this is something we can’t ignore, the Royal Troops:

Counselor Conry: Don’t say Royal Troops!

Counselor Reynolds: I’m not afraid to say Royal Troops.

President Hay: Gentlemen the question has been called, the vote will take place now.

(Counsel votes 10-1 against dispatching the militia and 7-4 against deploring the actions of the crown)

Counselor Reynolds: Gentlemen history will not forgive us for this.

Counselor Conry: What did you think they’d be building a monument to you and Captain Bridge by the river or something?

…then you didn’t miss anything tonight. The resolution disapproving planned parenthood lost 7-4 and the two zoning resolutions lost 10-1.

I also had the distinct displeasure listening to counselor Tom Conry give us the “personally opposed” nonsense. Give me the honest disagreement of a Reclusive Leftist or a Chris Lackey over that any day.

Once again the mayor did not attend, once again the city solicitor cowed the counsel, once again Rosemary Reynolds stood alone.

Kudos for counselor Jody Joseph for going on camera for an interview before the vote (although he voted against us). UPDATE interview added:

My internet is iffy for some reason tonight so I’ll have to do more later.

Update: Rosemary Reynolds also talked before the vote:

No other counselor, nor the city solicitor would talk on camera before the vote.

Two days ago I posted Joan speaking on planned parenthood and the targeting of minorities.

Yesterday I posted Jeff Mercie on the subject.

I’m sure that produced a laugh or two. It’s something out of South Park, a “token”. You’ve put up a lot of video in the last week and that has been the only non-white face we’ve seen. It’s tokenism. It’s not as if you have black people in Fitchburg driving by, seeing the protesters and wanting to join in or something…

These pictures (and a few more that I haven’t put up yet) are from Friday’s protest, I didn’t attend or see Saturday, I’m told the attendance was strong (20+) from people who attended but I didn’t see it myself.