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Prince Pizza for a fiver (that $5 American!)

Posted: September 22, 2010 by datechguy in fun
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Just got back from the airport to pick up DaWife’s nephew and his wife who flew in from Alabama to be here for his older brother’s wedding.

Since it involved a trip to the airport it also meant that a trip to Prince Pizza in Saugus was required.

Da Lunch specials are really special

It was the first time I drove there myself (usually my brother is picking me up) I was surprised to see a lunch special that included all you can eat Pizza and ziti for $5

A nice selection of Pies for the buffet

The pies available varied from Sausage, to Onion, to Plain to pepperoni to Green Pepper to Mushroom and they disappeared rapidly. It being Wednesday I was obliged to go meatless so I stuck with Plain and Onion.

I never had the Ziti or sauce here before, the Ziti was al-dente and the sauce was a good sauce but not as good as DaWife’s (after all what sauce is?) who along with my sister in law, her son and his wife were visiting Prince for the first time.

The real gem of the trip was running into the owner Steve. Since I had always come in the evening I’d never met before, he was gracious enough to give me three minutes of his time on a busy day.

One of my favorite things is something that is done well. Running a first class restaurant isn’t easy but Steve does it well. If you are coming home from the airport I strongly suggest you divert yourself up 517 Broadway, Saugus, MA and give it a shot. It’s on Route 1 South you will have to take Route 1 north and reverse direction once you pass it on the left but it’s worth it.

Yesterday my brother picked me up at the airport and we as before went to Prince Pizza. As always the pizza was great and this time I didn’t overeat so there was no pain later.

We had three very pleasant encounters in the place. The first with the former owners of what was my wife’s family’s favorite pizza place in the North End, the European. He and his wife and children were there eating and we struck up a conversation. The 90 year old gentleman came to the US in 1928 and like Annie DiMartino on election talked of the how good America had been to him. It was my great honor to speak with them and I hope to see them at the Madonna della Cava festival in Aug at St. Anthony di Padua. (P.S. For some reason I can’t find the e-mail address you gave me, If you can contact me via comments I’ll be happy to send you that item we discussed).

The third was with a two couples who are engaged who all believed my much older brother was much younger than me. She talked about her oldest graduating college and their impending nuptials. I wish all of them my best.

But it was the second that really struck me. It was a husband and wife with two sons. The parents had been born in India but had migrated to the US and both their children were born and raised here. They came here for a better life and talked the same language that the gentleman who came from Italy in 1920 did, hard work opportunity, and talked about education and how their parents emphasized it as the way to a better life. Apart from two things they could have been my grandparents. The first was their age, a bit younger than me, the second was their religion, they where Muslims.

I have written a lot about radical Islam who are the worst that Islam has to offer, these people were examples of the best. It was a great pleasure to meet and know them. It is Muslim men and woman like them and their families who become Americans that are the best hope to keep us away from a very nasty future.

This is Sal’s Pizza in Fitchburg, part of the Sal’s pizza franchise. It is owned by two local guys Frank and Ken.

This is Sal’s Pizza in Leominster, the city next to Fitchburg, part of the same franchise and owned by the same local men.

These is a Pizza from Sal’s in Fitchburg. Looks good

This is Pizza from Sal’s Pizza in Leominster. Looks just as good.

The pizza is cooked the same way using the same ingredients and sells for the same price in both Cities. Here is how you make a Sal’s Pizza from the Start…

What is the difference?

In Leominster the electric bill comes from National Grid. When the bill comes in Frank & Ken pay it as part of his cost of doing business.

In Fitchburg the electric bill comes from Unitil. Although there is less machinery in Fitchburg and the leave less lights on at night, the bill is on average $800 higher a month. Since the pizza price is the same they eat the price difference so you don’t have to pay it.

This is a house in sight of Sal’s in Fitchburg right over the city line. If Frank and Ken close their Fitchburg Location and move their business next door to that house, they will instantly save $10,000 a year.

Not even 100 yards away

I would be very interested in having any person in Fitchburg’s city government or at Unitil explain to me why any sane person would consider opening on the Fitchburg side of the line when this is true. I would also like to know why back when Fitchburg Gas and Electric was our utility, this was not the case.

I’m all ears guys.

Happiness is a Good Pizza

Posted: February 24, 2010 by datechguy in fun, special events
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My brother picked me up from the airport on Sunday and since we were already in Boston we went to his favorite Pizza Place, Prince Pizza.

I’d write all about it but why write when people can tell you it about it themselves….

And we have a still shot too, Antipasto anyone?


It’s all well and good to look at some pictures but what about AFTER the stuff is served?

There is no question that the Pizza is first rate, The crust is excellent and the toppings are first rate. I wouldn’t make a special trip to get here but If in the area I would definitely recommend it.