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That didn’t last long…

Posted: March 4, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Morning Joe plays a video or two and Presto Pete Stark is out:

Officially, Stark stepped aside to keep the gavel of the panel’s health subcommittee. But lawmakers and aides said Stark faced a rebellion within the committee and the caucus over his sometimes bizarre behavior and penchant for making offensive comments.

Gee Ya Think? Via Glenn who lives outside of the space time continuum explaining his proficient blogging.

A bunch of slides on how to raise money is equal to:

Patterson’s ethics issues

Rangel’s Ethics issues

Stark’s big mouth

Massa’s ethics issues

They opened with all of these eithics issues and started to shakes their heads to begin the 6 o:clock hour only to call the politico in that was shocked shocked by some slides from an RNC fundraising plan?

First of all those images are so tame compared to anything that the democrats were producing over the period of the previous administration that it is an insult to the intelligence to say that the person making the slide for a fundraiser should be fired. (In fairness Joe did mention this)

If I’m the RNC I’m so owning this and comparing the reaction of the DNC to this vs the ethics issues.

and lets finish up with the president and the judgeship.

The Add writes itself, you list the ethics issues and compare it to the slide finishing with: What outrages the MSM more?

And now their first new guest is going on about how “disgusting” and beyond the pale it is.

I’m sorry this if you were MSNBC you couldn’t make yourself more foolish by making the equivalency. Then again it IS MSNBC the fact that they are reporting both gives a glimmer of hope.