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When MSNBC decided to not only to end Olberman’s suspension it took quite a few hits for caving to ultra liberal viewers and/or groups.

But one think hit me this evening as I channel surfed. Let’s assume for a moment that MSNBC hadn’t caved. Where would the Kos kids have gone?

Is CNN liberal enough to be acceptable to them, after all Kathleen Parker is supposedly a “conservative”, would PBS’ non-news lineup attracted them, Would BBC America decided to go with a liberal talk lineup, we all know they were not going anywhere near Fox.

When it comes down to it, there is actually nowhere else for the angry moon-bat to go. They may hem and howl but there is really no place for the ultra-liberal who still wants to Blame the GOP for anything and everything they hate.

Until and unless George Soros decides to create the MMC network (the Media Matters Channel) liberals really don’t have anywhere to hang their hat, but MSNBC bosses aren’t about to make tough decisions when they can remain #2 without effort.

MSNBC gives the GOP a 3rd gift…

Posted: November 8, 2010 by datechguy in media
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…by putting Olberman back on the air.

In terms of keeping his niche market happy, it’s a good move, when your entire stratagem is to keep the left happy you can’t bother to throw away one of their messiah and if some other network took Olberman he might take a good chunk of the left with him, particularly since Maddow spent her show defending him.

In terms of right and wrong, I think its fair. I think the policy is foolish in this age, Olberman’s non-disclosure earned the suspension given the policy but not a permanent one. I’d change the policy myself.

In terms of the right it will be interesting to see how he reacts to the number of people on the right who said it was unfair to boot him. I don’t expect him to have much to say on it.

Finally for the GOP it’s the third gift this week. As I said before there is absolutely no chance of Keith Olberman convincing anyone not already in the tank for the left of anything. Every there he is there is a lost chance for the left and another day that MSNBC fails to go beyond the lazy bounds they have chosen.

Update: Ed Driscoll

Limousine Leftist Keith needs MSNBC to pocket his $7 million a year. MSNBC needs Keith to keep them at the top of the bottom of the news rating heap. Rather than risk further mutual assured self-immolation, where else was either party going to go?

Oh I don’t know, try to grow beyond a niche market?

And the comments at Huffpo are interesting.