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…I had done some channel surfing so when I went back to the game and saw Manning out I assumed he was injured or shaken up. I kept waiting for them to show the replay of the hit that brought him out. It never came.

In New England we appreciate how bad a perfect season capped by a Superbowl loss can be but lets face facts.

There have been 43 Superbowl winners. There have been 2 perfect teams.

It would be like pulling a pitcher throwing a no hitter to save him from a playoff

The interest of the fans are the reason why the NFL is a profitable enterprise, they deserve more respect than this.

Let’s see what the results of the successful campaign to deny Rush a minority ownership of the St. Louis Rams.

1. Lots of attention to his radio show, is it even possible for him to get higher rating? We will soon find out.

2. Lots of attention on all the news shows on TV

3. Lots of attention on Sports Radio shows

4. ACTIONABLE actions against major MSM members and perhaps other groups for slander.

5. ACTIONABLE actions against the those same MSM members AND some NFL figures for lost profits from the potential sale.

6. The NFL now risks it’s anti trust exemption.

All of this in order to deny Rush a minority ownership in an NFL team.

on #4 the slanders is a gimmie. It’s really hard when you can’t support a slanderous quote of someone whose every word for decades is transcribed in the hope of a “gotcha” moment. It is going to take a lot of effort for him to lose this and remember every victory he wins will be broadcast to the nation.

on #5 consider this: Is there a moment where the Rams are going to be worth less? Every dollar that the Rams increase in value from today on is a measurable loss for Rush and can be direct rather than punitive damages it’s a potential fortune.

on #6 lets quote the Blackbook legal blog:

Commentators have analyzed whether some of the NFL’s current policies would implicate the boycott rules under § 1 of the Sherman Act. But could a boycott of Mr. Limbaugh’s bid to purchase the Rams–be it through a players’ joint refusal to deal with him, an owners’ boycott or otherwise–be subject to antitrust scrutiny? My hunch is that a boycott could be problematic, even under a favorable rule of reason analysis, because it does not seem to have much of an economic motivation. From current rhetoric–and perhaps understandably–the boycott would be based almost entirely on the controversial statements Mr. Limbaugh made regarding Donovan McNabb several years ago.

That doesn’t even consider stuff like this:

In a candid moment during today’s Al Sharpton radio show (probably not intended for the rest of us to hear), Oben admitted that Rush’s political views regarding Obama were key to the opposition that appears to have derailed his bid to purchase the St Louis Rams

You are dealing with a group of people out for instant gratification, today’s gratification is going to be very expensive.

And remember Rush has plenty of money, if the case drags out for 10 years it won’t matter to him, he will still have them by the gonads.

This is going to be a big mess for a lot of people, and none of them are Rush.

Update: Listening to the show, Soros is in Limbaugh is out?