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You know it’s pretty sad that Jane Harman wanted to buy this magazine when it puts out stuff like this:

September 11 was a shock to the American psyche and the American system. As a result, we overreacted.

I get a feeling they might have overpaid for the rag. As you might guess it’s Christmas in September on the right side of the ‘sphere on this stuff:

Powerline…agrees on the overplaying line and says:

Zakaria tries to dispose of this point in a subordinate clause conceding the efficacy of “serious countermeasures.” Zakaria decries a number of countermeasures that are supposedly excessive, but he nowhere bothers to make the case that they have not contributed to the prevention of another successful attack. He simply assumes the conclusion.

Patterico… has a long memory:

Remember when the New York Times expressed its puzzlement that the prison population was increasing “despite” the drop in crime?

I do. As I observed at the time:

This is like saying “Joe Blow has been continuing to exercise despite the fact that he has been getting in much better shape.”

Fareed Zakaria today has the terrorism equivalent of this idiocy: decrying our proactive anti-terrorist measures — which we have taken despite the fact that Al Qaeda hasn’t hit us with another 9/11.

You know if I’m Mattie Fein I point to this article and declare: “This is the magazine that the Harman’s bought to preserve this editorial slant.”

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Cue 1812 for NoOneOfAnyImport

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One of the most misnamed blogs on the Internet

So welcome to my blogroll. That and a dollar will buy you a Whopper Jr. Or ownership of Newsweek.

Answer: To keep it out of conservative hands

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Question: Why did Tycoon Sidney Harman purchase Newsweek and take on its debts as described by the Daily Caller?

After all you don’t want to risk a magazine browsed by many disinterested readers in doctor’s offices around the country to be exposed to anything resembling conservative thought. What would wife in congress say?

Hey if rich liberals want to throw their money away, that’s their business.

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Two connected stories…

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One via Instapundit at Radio Equalizer:

In the face of ominous poll data splashed on the front page of today’s Washington Post, libtalkers were in a tough position today. But only ultra-partisan Democratic Party crony Bill Press could manage to blame voters for Obama’s failure to thrive.

and from yesterday about Newsweek in commentary magazine:

He may have been right about that; within reason, people like to read more of what they like to read. He forgot, though, that readers are different from journalists, with different expectations, tastes, and, often, views of the world and what it should look like. He ignored the truth that the old newsmagazine editors lived by: journalists who write to satisfy people like themselves will soon run out of readers. The magazine that lies dying in Don Graham’s arms violated this rule week by week.

Bill Press, Newsweek and the Democratic party all hemorrhaging paying customers. You’ve gotta remember the rules if you want to stay in business.