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The best news I’ve heard all day come from New Jersey

The Cherry Hill Courier Post newspaper says a Planned Parenthood facility located on Haddonfield Road and operated by Planned Parenthood of Southern New Jersey will close down.

Why is planned parenthood closing down on Haddonfield Road, because the public teat is now dry:

PP-SNJ stands to lose as much as $160,000 in taxpayer funds because of Christie’s decision and the upholding of his veto.

And what veto would that be? This one:

Part of Gov. Chris Christie’s belt-tightening plan for New Jersey was the termination of $7.5 million in public funding for Planned Parenthood clinics in the state,

You mean in a time of budget cuts we might not have the funds to pay for abortion? Awwwww.

…were concerned about protecting their members against management stepping on them:

“We’ve never really had this broad and direct an attack before,” said CWA Area Director Hetty Rosenstein. “We have in 30 years never raised our dues. We never had as great a need.”

I can see the reasoning, after all tighter time, management might be leaning heavy, perhaps firing people without cause. I’m sure the unions will be using those funds for that kind of thing won’t they?

the Communications Workers of America is asking its 40,000 state employee members to accept higher dues to pay for advertising campaigns that would push back against Gov. Chris Christie and other critics. emphasis mine

You know the union members had better get it through their head that their dues have basically become political slush funds that the leaders. And the people know it. If they didn’t then you wouldn’t have unions pushing laws to get rid of the secret ballot to get shops to unionize.

…a million union leaders are going to be jumping off the bridge after this interview.

This guy had the answers to every question. When he said that teachers put in nothing to their pensions and he listed the benefits that was a body blow that it will be hard to spin, even to the MSNBC viewer.

They touched on the Teachers union “Praying for his death” business that was mentioned at Sister Toldjah mentioned here. Christie said the head of the union showed up to apologize, Christie said he suggested they show the apology was sincere by asked for that person’s resignation. The Union head stormed out.

If this is how Christie carries himself, the GOP should have him on every network show possible.

American Glob is right on the money…

Posted: March 4, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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When he links to this speech for Gov Christie.

Compare and contrast to the president. This guy is for real and New Jersey deserves kudos for being wise enough to elect him.

The American People can understand common sense. He is speaking it.