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Today I asked for the definition of “Christianist” among other things from our friends on the left after a post at a blog called: “Joe my God”.

No answer on that one yet but perhaps the answer can best be given from another post from the same site backed up by Americablog and a group called crew urging the president to avoid the “Shadowy” national prayer breakfast.

Now this is an event that has taken place for 57 years if Wikipedia is to be believed and has hosted such dangerous “Christianist” as Bono, Elizabeth Dole, Tony Blair and that dangerous Mother Teresa she of the “dark side of faith”.

Now there is a danger of me doing the same crazy uncle business that I accused Joe my God of doing, after I’ve never heard of CREW but I HAVE heard of Americablog.

The question are this: Have we have reached a point where an event that has taken place for half a century is now shadowy? Do mainline democrats object to the national prayer breakfast or not? What mainline democrats are willing to denounce it? Is Tim Kane head of the DNC willing to denounce it?

If not, then I’m likely dealing with a group of crazy uncles myself and I should ignore them.

One important point; this event is not to be confused with the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast