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“Is there another regime in existence now that has a worse human rights record over the course of it’s existence?”

Buchanan says no:

Sam Stein Laughs, Woodward laughs, hints that the apology story isn’t true until Mika corrects him, other than Pat nobody will comment on China’s human rights record.

60+ million murdered and Stein & Woodward laugh, and sadly I’m not amazed.

What was the title of my post on the subject? “If you start from the idea they are all Marxists it makes perfect sense”.

Apparently you could say that about the panel today.

…that this administration is exactly what they accused the Bush Administration of being?

The groups were protesting don’t ask don’t tell (I’ve given my opinion on it here) but if they haven’t figured out that President Obama used them for suckers then they haven’t figured out anything.

The idea that an administration would close a public park to the public and the press to keep video off the air of a protest is disgraceful and disgusting. As a citizen I am shocked.

More importantly I’m not seeing this reported on Morning Joe today. If the media is not willing to report on this and call it the travesty it is then you’d better send me that $800 a week plus travel because you will need someone who will.

Forgetting the fact that the democratic majority could have repealed Don’t ask don’t tell from 2006 on. How do people justify supporting someone who does this? Do they have so much invested in him that they don’t care call him on it? Or is it like a cult when you have to actually have a personal shock so great that you can be pulled from it?

Via Sissy Willis who was a great addition to my follower list on twitter.

Exit question: If this president is willing to do this publicly what is he doing privately to suppress dissent?

Update: Just a reminder: “Let Him Speak”

Quite a contrast.

Update: Another Instalanche, Glenn is spoiling me, thanks for stopping by. The anchoress was kind enough to point me to a couple of other videos showing how President Bush handled heckling. And one of Bill Clinton too, yet she didn’t link to herself. She deserves a visit just for that. As a matter of fact instead of promoting my blog on this one Let me point you to a few places that you should try. The Lonely conservative, Little Miss Attila, The Camp of the Saints (Particularly if you like cheesecake), The Reaganite Republican, Cynthia Yockey, No Sheeples here (particularly if you like photoshops), Adrienne’s Corner, The American Glob, Barbara Espiinosa, Peg who did a noble deed for my sake, and of course my friend Robert Stacy McCain.

…but the Gladney charges took the cake.

And the Post Dispatch’s headline is laughable:

Six charged in town hall disturbance

Town Hall disturbance. Town hall DISTURBANCE!

Let me remind you a bit of what I wrote IN AUGUST!

Yesterday Black conservatives protested in front of the St. Louis office of the NAACP to protest their non response to the attacks on Ken Gladney back on the 6th.

Mind you this is a man who was beaten and called a Nigger by a white man, there is some raw film too and the news and film was spread on the net that very day. Nothing.

The delightful Dana Loesch of Dump Dede fame noting the time taken and the incorrect information says this:

If only we had access to a network wherein we could share information, do research, and confirm articles in our stories …

Where is Kenneth Gladney and Kelly Owens’ suds summit? Oh, right. The police have to be perceived as the antagonist for that to work and the victims admin supporters, apparently.

Let me be blunt: If I as a person who had attended a tea party, a person who would gladly support Sarah Palin for higher office and who publicly shows agreement with the president’s political foes had done the same as these SEIU men I would be in jail now, my picture would be all over the news an commentators all over MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, BET, UNIVISION et/al would be having long discourses on how Tea Parties and Sarah Palin drive people to racism. My black friends would disown me and I would be the subject of public and private scorn. All the country would all know my name and curse it.

The fact that a whole season has passed before we have reached this point is a national disgrace, John Hinderaker and Glenn Reynolds puts it succinctly:

JOHN HINDERAKER WONDERS why SEIU thugs enjoy more freedom of action than Navy SEALS. Because the SEIU thugs are advancing the goals of people in power?

But I flatter myself that my long explanation is pretty good too:

to an organization like the NAACP it doesn’t matter. Barak Obama is the first black president of the United States and the first black president (no matter who he would have been) can’t be allowed to fail for fear that Americans will consider a black man unqualified for the highest office in the land. And if Ken Gladney needs to be beaten, called a Nigger and put in his place to help prevent that failure so be it.

The problem is that they are looking at President Obama and what drives him backwards. He’s not a Black man who happened to be part of the Chicago Machine. He is a Chicago Machine Pol who happens to be black and THAT makes all the difference.

The tactics he uses and the items he supports are driven by that machine background. His race doesn’t mean squat, that’s why the Gladney story isn’t all over the news. If what happened to Gladney advances his goals, like a good machine pol he’s all for it.

It’s all about protecting their meal ticket in chief

comes from who else, Jay Nordlinger:

George W. Bush used to mock mercilessly the idea of taking Islamofascists to court. He’d say things like, “They didn’t know what they were getting into, those terrorists. They probably thought we’d take ’em to court!” On one occasion, he said, “See, they thought we’d probably just file a lawsuit or two!”

Well, I guess that’s what Americans do: file lawsuits. Long ago, it passed baseball as the national pastime.

It is moments like this that I miss President Bush so much you can’t believe it.

Update: Can you believe there is no Memeorandum thread on it at the moment?