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One more thought about Charles Bolden

Posted: July 13, 2010 by datechguy in media
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I think it should be emphasized that this Islamic esteem nonsense wasn’t the policy of Charles Bolden, the former Astronaut, this was the policy of President Barack Obama, the former community organizer.

As the head of NASA he didn’t make the policy of the president he is instructed to follow it.

And it took Robert Gibbs one week to come up with this:

Asked whether Bolden misspoke, Gibbs said: “I think so.”

I think so? That’s it? what kind of question is that?

That’s no denial I take exception to this headline at Michelle’s place. I don’t think the WhiteHouse has denied anything to wit, they said:

“such activities are not among Bolden’s assigned tasks.”

I’m sure there is an official list of duties and “such activities” are not on the list, but nobody asked him Gibbs the direct question: “Did the president say this to Mr. Bolden?” A nice “Yes” or “No” question. Let’s see what Gibbs says then.

BTW if I’m Bolden I don’t resign (if you were going to resign you would have done it at the start) he isn’t the one who made this policy.

I’d be really interested in DaScienceGuy’s take on this nonsense.

If you want to understand the death of the MSM this letter from Peter Kenny and Glenn Dale really says it all:

I am grateful to Charles Krauthammer, as I’m sure many other readers are, for his July 9 op-ed column, “The selective modesty of Barack Obama,” because he mentioned a story that The Post, the New York Times and most of the “important” media have not reported: NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s bizarre interview with al-Jazeera, in which he said Mr. Obama gave him the mission to “reach out to the Muslim world” and “help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and math and engineering.” Mr. Bolden also said he was asked to “re-inspire” children to do well in science and math. I suspect any halfway intelligent Muslim would be offended by such laughable condescension.

Apart from regretting such feel-good nonsense from a once-great space agency, I would ask The Post: How was this story not newsworthy? Didn’t Post editors realize that word of these inane statements would eventually reach the hordes of Post readers? And that some of them might wonder why The Post hasn’t reported it already?emphasis mine

Peter Kenny, Glenn Dale

Any Questions?

You know if’s really nice of the MSM to try to save work for Byron York:

From a Nexis search a few moments ago:

Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program in the New York Times: 0.

Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program in the Washington Post: 0.

Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program on NBC Nightly News: 0.

Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program on ABC World News: 0.

Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program on CBS Evening News: 0.

If you were to receive your news from any one of these outlets, or even all of them together, and you heard about some sort of controversy involving the Obama administration redefining the space agency’s mission to feature outreach to Muslim countries, your response would be, “Huh?” Among all the news these distinguished outlets have seen fit to cover in recent days, the NASA story has not made the cut.

So nice of them to allow him to recycle his Van Jones column from Sept 4th of last year with simply a find and replace.

You know Fox’s News best friend is their competitors.

An even better question. How much longer in an internet age can the MSM decide that a story on the front Page of Drudge for two days will not be seen if they ignore it? How long can the MSM decide that Memeorandum doesn’t exist?

And why is Byron York the only journalist calling them out on it?

Who made this business model? The guy who marketed the Edsel?

BTW the actual NASA story is here.