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The first was one they did not seek; The re-election of Harry Reid and the second is one they did not expect Nancy Pelosi poised to become the Democratic minority leader.

One of the many problems that the Obama administration had this cycle was they tried to make the case that the election of Republicans in congress was the return to Bush Bush Bush. This proved ineffective because president Bush has become more rather than less loved over the past two years but more importantly there is exactly a 0% chance that George Bush will ever be president again.

However as 2012 comes by, no matter how well or poorly they do with Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader in the house and Harry Reid newly re-elected there is absolutely a 100% chance that a republican defeat will mean going back to the Pelosi/Reid agenda.

You can’t underestimate how important this is. Democrats were running away from Nancy Pelosi like there was no tomorrow in this last election. It will be interesting to see what they say in 2012 when they are running for seats again with the promise of putting Nancy Pelosi and company back in charge.

Pelosi’s problem is that she and the democrats get ALL the credit for what they have done…

…it’s just that the voters don’t like it and never liked it.

For your discussion and debate #1 Some poll results are more permanent than others

Looking at current polls. Obama is shown in poll with only 40% or so believing he deserves re-election. Joe points out in perspective saying that his polls were comparable with Clinton 2004 & Reagan 1982, can’t make this the last word…

…then in the same poll Obama is shown beating Sarah Palin in a 2012 match up and the Same Joe Scarborough touts this as more proof that she can sell books but can’t be elected and Mika breathes a sigh of relief.

My take: How is one poll a snapshot of time and the other set in stone? Joe’s point about the president is right but it applies equally to Sarah Palin. How was Reagan polling in 1978 for example?

For your discussion and debate #2 Some stories are more relevant than others

Colbert took his act to SNL The comedy connection a congressional hearing on Friday and Mika’s reaction indicates she found it just as appealing and appropriate as leading the day’s news with Paris Hilton. Her comment was classic: “Who are these people who are the 21% that approve of congress?” Mark Halperin pointed out Pelosi & Hoyer disagreed on the appearance noting that this should be a bigger story….

…yet there was not a word about the other Friday Hearings on the air DOJ RACISM SCANDALS made the Washington Post front page but as of 7:08 Morning Joe hasn’t touched it. I submit that this is not coincidence. I think democrats wanted that coverage off of TV and as far as Morning Joe goes, that’s exactly what they’ve got. As John Nolte put it: Mission Accomplished.

My Take: I know they had their education day scheduled for a while but I’d like to see Mika decide for the 8 a.m. hour to lead with Christopher Coates testimony instead of Colbert a-la Paris. She has 45 minutes. Will she do it?

I really like Morning Joe, I like Joe, I like Mika, I like Barnicle. They drive me nuts a lot because I DO like them. If I didn’t I wouldn’t care. (its the same way with Andrew Sullivan, he was one of the first blogs I ever read and when he went over the hill it hurt because I remember how great he used to be)

Today on Twitter he is doing a pubic service in a series of tweets explaining the political stunt used by Democrats who rather have a political point than help for 9/11 responders.

His tweets in sequence:


For those who don’t understand King/Weiner debate, here are the facts….



1. You need 218 votes to pass a bill under regular order in the House of Representatives.



2. Pelosi had over 250 votes to pass the 9/11 bill to help NY firefighters and cops.



3. Pelosi and Democrats chose to bring up the bill in a way that would require a 2/3rds vote, effectively killing the bill.



4. This procedure is called a “suspension” vote and is for non-controversial measures like naming post offices.



5. Pelosi could have ruled Republican amendments out of order and still taken the majority-wins vote.



I know many rabid ideologues don’t let facts get in the way, but House leaders chose to kill a 9/11 relief bill they could have passed.

Some might think this is unnecessary, but you should never assume that just because you know something other people do as well. People have to be constantly reminded by nature.

More please.