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…and the tea parties (which had nothing to do with her) while defending the NAACP that condemned her and shilling for cash for them:

But you and I have to make sure that people all across the country who wage a daily struggle against poverty and racism have support networks as well. And that’s why your personal involvement in sustaining the NAACP is so critical.

I’m sure whatever satisfaction the NAACP provided was more attractive than the discovery phase of a Breitbart lawsuit would be.

One comment: Am I the only one who found it ironic that her statement attacking Fox, defending the NAACP, and begging suckers liberals to sustain them came out after the 9th circuit defended the lie as protected speech?

Memeorandum thread here.

is available here, a quick peek:

Just last month at the twin city tea party democratic candidates turned out to seek the votes of Tea party members for seats in the general court (house and senate) however with a democratic party both polling death spiral numbers and totally dependent on the current 90-10 in the Black vote it would appear that a directive from the NAACP attacking the tea party would have the authority of the Pope speaking Ex Cathedra.

Who would have believed that the attack against the tea party would be as successful as the French World Cup Team?

Pay special attention to the excerpt from local Tea Party president Justin Brooks letter to the editor, it accurately states what this entire thing was all about.

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Says Donny Deutsch on Morning Joe.

Really? I maintain that the casualty is this credibility of the NAACP who as I wrote in my examiner article was the only player in this game that actually had complete information and choose for the sake of a few hours expediency to ignore it.

The administration didn’t do so well either, although the profuse apologies help mitigate it it is a problem. That’s why they are so desperate for her to take a job. Every day she no longer works for the administration and is on camera reminds them is a day where the public is reminded who fired her.

This contrasts with Breitbart. The 22% media which never liked him is instead of ignoring him (their default position) is alternatively hitting him or talking to him on camera, giving him not only page views but allows him to make his case concerning both the media and NAACP.

Oh and the problem with Rick Moran’s argument? He ignores the actual 23 paragraph article that the videos were part of. Like many at the start I saw only the video. As the story progressed I returned to what was actually written to see the case it made. In fact not only is the story ignored but so is the second clip and the big point he was making.

But hey I could be wrong, check out Moran’s memeorandum thread to see what the others think and make up your own mind.

My latest Examiner article An expensive 12 hours deals with the NAACP and the Sherrod case a peek:

The Shirley Sherrod story this week certainly has not enhanced any reputations but one group in particular has rightly paid a higher price than all.

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